Merry Xmas my beautiful friends. It’s amazing that this week is Xmas week. I am thankful and happy that we made it this far. I hope you are as excited and thankful as much as I am.

Listen guys, no matter what is going on with you now, be thankful, celebrate and enjoy this season. It is the season of love and giving, don’t forget that 🙂 Now smile!



Hi Everyone and Compliments of the season to you!!  A classic blue DENIM, a crisp white BLOUSE/SHIRT, a structured BLAZER  and a pair of comfortable HEELS are all wardrobe essentials. Everyone should have at least one of each in their closet.  When building your wardrobe from the scratch, buy basics and pieces that you can mix and match. When buying…


  CASUAL GLAM by mojintouch featuring a leather tote Hi Everyone, Welcome! I hope you are doing well and you are excited about the weekend. What do you have planned for the weekend? I am doing fantastic and so excited about my photo shot today. Wearing a comfy and chic look is what I love…


ROUGE IN LOve LIPSTICK BY LANCOMESome of you my lovelies requested that I do a collection of red lipsticks that I love. Since I also went lipstick shopping, I thought to show the haul and as well as the ones I love. The lipsticks I picked up are perfect for this HOLIDAY SEASON for personal use and also as gift to your loved ones. I did a video giving a full description of each on my youtube channel.  I hope you enjoy. Do you wear RED lipsticks? Let me know, leave me a comment below. You can watch video here for full details and swatches.


  FASHION EVENT by mojintouch featuring short dresses Hi everyone, Welcome! TGIF. The holiday season is gradually approaching and there’s no better way to be than to be fashionable. I love burgundy(dark shade of red) for autumn/fall and it is the reason why I choose this gorgeous dress with tasselled detail and belt. I wanted…