Memories they say last forever especially the good ones. Some of such memories are the pieces I have on in this post. It was when I had Daniel, my first son that I got this dress I have on and it was when I had Sammy, my second son that I got the pair of heels I have on and I have had them since then.

How long you may ask? It is been 9 long years for the heels and 11 long years for the dress. Too long right?  Because I cherish the memories this these two pieces bring, I will be keeping them forever please God.





It is my last day of work before Christmas and honestly if I could have my way I would have been finished by now. All the same, we have to do what we have to do. I know in my mind that it was going to be a short but busy day with last minute rush of shoppers & travellers trying to get home to be with their loved ones. I also had in my mind that there was going to be so much traffic.

On short but busy days like this, I love to spot an all black ensemble. Not only does it flatter the body or make you look slimmer, it is perfect for days when you want to feel like you didn’t try but look well put together.

Every other thing you need to know about black and wearing an all black ensemble and so many different look books can be found here.




The joy of Christmas is the reason why I decided red on red is the way to go for today’s post. Red as we all know is a christmas colour and aside that red symbolises happiness, passion, energy, strength and my favourite is LOVE amongst other things that red represents. This season is all about spending time with the people we love and care about, a time to merry, jolly, give and of course have so much fun.





I believe very much in giving thanks because it is when we are thankful that we can receive so much more.

I just want to take a moment to say a massive thank you to all of you for going on this amazing journey with me. I am indeed grateful for being a part of my journey.

Some of you have been with me since the very first day I decided on this journey called blogging. Through my growth, changes and evolvement, you stayed.

Thank you for your kind comments always, for Sharing, for Re-Tweeting, for Re-blogging and just for been there. You are all very awesome and I love you all.

I am hopeful, I am excited and looking forward to greater things in the new year. I hope you stay with me as I continue on this journey to greatness doing what I love and enjoy doing.

It is my promise and it hasn’t changed that every time you stop by, you get a valuable TIP worth your time. Thank you to all who let me know they learn something new every time they stop by.




Any one who has ever been a model would understand this look. By the way, I was once and I loved every moment of those days.

I know your next question will be why don’t you any more? My answer is always and hasn’t changed that in life, there is time for everything. For now, it is not time for modelling, may be in the future. I do pretend as if I am modelling in photo shoots though…lol.

On a model’s off duty day, all they want to do is relax and dress down with little or no make up on. The only thing they have time to do is to run errands and then prepare for their next “modelling gig” in whatever city they have to go to.

That is not to say models don’t glam up on their days off, they do indeed and they do it well too.

This look is also a perfect one for a casual Friday.




An elegant evening of party, great music, catch up conversation and great food calls for a subtle elegance and colour.

I went to enjoy some quality time the other evening and this was what I wore. This same dress was the one I wore here in Greece over the summer and I thought to wear it again and differently to the way I did the first time. Since the colour of the dress matches the christmas theme, I thought why not?

The dress also leaves so much room for me to eat as much without having to worry about my bulging tummy.




When I was looking for a title for this post, it wasn’t about the summer dresses we wore in the post but the personality of the one in the photos. I had the opportunity to meet Fumi in London recently. When I met her for the first time in person, it was as if we have been friends forever.

Not everyone can meet people for the first time in thier gym clothes but she did. That to me shows originality and confidence. When we got talking, original and confident are the two key words I can simply describe her with.



When it comes to fashion, I love tailored pieces, clean lines and minimalism. Aside all of that I also love an all black ensemble because they are easy for lazy days and are perfect for days when I want to feel and look elegant.

Contrary to what people think that all black doesn’t suit “people of colour”, In my humble opinion, I say black works on every one. Just like white, every body looks good in black.

Not only does it work, it is very…….

flattering : makes you look slimmer than you really are.

forgiving : hides all the contours you don’t like .i.e it will make all that “bulge” look not so conspicuous.



On days when I want to look well put together without making it look like I tried, a structured blazer is always my go to. That is one of the reasons why I highly recommend a structured blazer to every one.

Every one should have at least one in their closet. You can dress them up with heels and you can definitely dress them down with flats or sneakers.

The possibility of the blazer to me is endless.




It is a couple more months to Christmas and for most luxury shops, the Christmas shops are now opened! For me when I am out and about doing a lot of shopping be it personal shopping for my clients or Christmas shopping, comfort is always the most important thing to me.

I like to dress down so I can move easily because of the rush. Today’s look was what I wore the other day to run errands and then did some shopping for the house afterwards.



Presently in Ireland, the pressure of the wind is crazy. It is so much that if you are not careful while walking around, you could be blown away.

It was work day so I had to do what I had to do. I was wearing a midi dress I wore in the summer here. I paired the same dress with appropriate fall/Autumn pieces and accessories (earthy colour coat, suede heels + bag), to make the look Autumn perfect.




Silk : romantic, fluid and delicate.

Leather : tough, rugged and boyish or masculine.

I love the romantic feel of silk and the toughness of leather so I thought to mix both of them together in today’s look.

This kind of mixture wouldn’t be every body’s cup of tea but once in a while I like to feel like a biker/rock star chic. Do you feel that way sometimes; to wear something different from your usual?

My pictures today also has some kind of edginess just to blend the outfit with the image…..#forthefunofit.


HOLIDAY GLAM | Jacquard Fitted & Flared dress + Faux Fur Stole


The holiday season is ahead of us and I am personally getting in that holiday mood. It is an exciting time of the year I look forward to. A time when there is so much love in the air. A time when we all get together to give, love, share, merry and rejoice. I love the holidays.

The holidays of course is incomplete without some glamour. It was that urge to look and feel glamorous that brought about this look.

Talking about holidays, have you started shopping? If you need some inspiration, check out my first selection of budget friendly holiday gifts HERE



The tie style scarf is been on trend for some time now. Even though I am not a trend follower or buyer, If there is anything that falls into the category of “trend” to me like the tie style scarf I have on this post, I go for it. I go for it because it is something that is a trend but timeless. TImeless in the sense that when the item is no more trending, it can still be worn without it feeling dated.

This tie style scarf can be worn in numerous ways and it would be my pleasure to share different ways of wearing it with you in the future. If you are new to the blog, I am all about maximising my wardrobe/closet.

Talking about styling the tie style scarf in different ways, did you read my post on the art of maximising? If you missed it, check here


I am always drawn to stripes when they come in black and white. Why? It is because black and white to me is like ice cream. No matter what the occasion is, ice cream is always a good idea. So also is black and white, no matter what the occasion is, both colours just work. It is even more fun when the black and white in question is stripes because stripes actually look dressier than they really are.

I strongly believe that I am not the only one who feels black and white is like ice cream. What do you feel or how do you feel about black and white?



A lot of us have so many clothes but most times we do not have what to wear especially when we are going out. We just can’t seem to find what works and we end up buying more clothes only to find out we still don’t have anything to wear. Ironic right?

Styling your clothes could be overwhelming if you can’t find things. Another thing that could cause you stress is if you have too much clothes but can’t figure how to store them.

Have you ever been in a situation where by your wardrobe is full but just can’t seem to put things together? Or are you tired of buying over and over again only to arrive at the same destination of not having anything to wear.


When I think of Autumn colours, it reminds me of home. I live very close to a farmland with loads of massive trees. The moment the leave colours start changing then we know it is Autumn/Fall. Even though it could be challenging to clean when the leaves starts falling off and blowing towards home, I love the change in the colour of the leaves.

Today’s look was inspired by the trees near home. From leave green, all of a sudden the leaves starts changing to orange and yellow with some dash of red. Beautiful I will say !