As a mum myself, I know how hard it can be to joggle work, family life and everything in between. Sometimes, you get back from work and then it’s time to bring Junior to football or Sarah to ballet or dancing. Does that sound familiar?

On today’s post, I bring you a quick styling on how to go from work mode to mummy mode without changing clothes. Let’s do this. How are you by the way?



Pay attention to you skin is my word of wisdom when it comes to beauty. Today, I bring you a review of the “Clinique’s Prep-Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser“.  I am doing the review because I have been using the product for a while and it is doing great things to my skin. Since it is that good, I thought to share it with you too. If you are looking for a product that will exfoliate and cleanse your skin without leaving your skin dry and tight, here’s a product you want to know about.





At every chance I get, I do my best to inspire everyone to be who they want to be. On today’s post, I have been given another opportunity to share and remind you that it is okay to be who you want to be irrespective of your age, sex, circumstance, background,economic situation or where you live. Your present situation or status doesn’t define you, what you do in that situation is all the matters.

Last Saturday, 17/09, I had the opportunity to go and spend the day with YouTube at the Google Headquarters in Dublin. I opened my email about 2 weeks ago and I saw this invitation. I was humbled, honoured and happy because I was preparing for such a time as this and that is why I do my best to give my YouTube Channel everything.

Since I started doing Youtube, I do my best to upload at least one video a week. A lot of times I make 2 videos doing what I love; beauty, fashion and motivation / inspiration.



HOW TO ::: High Bun In 2 MINUTES With Marley Hair Extension on Natural Hair (no gel used)

Today, I will be sharing with you how to do a quick 2 minute bun with “Marley hair” on natural hair. Before I share that with you, I want to say a massive thank you to all of you on your kind comment on my post on Going Kinky? What to Know before going Natural. If you missed that post, please go ahead and read it as I shared reasons WHY I decided to go natural and what to know before going natural.

And now let’s see that 2-minute high bun tutorial with Marley hair……




I have followed Alexa Chung’s career for a while. She is one of those underdog in the fashion world. Alexa is a British Fashion Model, Television presenter and Contributing Editor at British Vogue. When I heard of her collaboration with M&S (Marks & Spencer), I was curious to see what she designed in collaboration with them.

As for M&S, a lot of people think of them as a not so fashion forward brand when it comes to clothing. However, this days, they are “uping” their game and this is why they now do collaboration with modern women of influence to bring modern and on trend vibe to their collection. By the way, if you look well in M&S, you will find great and fashionable items there. And they do great lingerie too.



Make up for me isn’t great without a good blush. Blush adds a nice radiance to the cheek and a lovely accentuation to the face. Not only those two, a nice flush of blush on the face gives a healthy and youthful looking face.

Wearing blush is one thing and wearing it really well is another. So as not to look like a clown, it is super important to wear the appropriate amount of blush and to blend it well. How do you wear your blush? I will show you in a minute…..


How To Transition to Fall Without Buying Anything New ::: Bow Detail Shirt & Midi Skirt


I looked out a few days ago and it was raining and in my head I started thinking once the word “FALL” comes up in weather, it starts to rain. I may be wrong but I have also noticed that once the children go back to school, it rains everyday. Apparently, I am not the only one who feels that way because I sent a message to a friend of mine who also said she was thinking the same thing when she got my message. Two rights can’t be wrong right? 🙂

Well in Ireland, sometimes we experience all 4 seasons in a day; Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Do you think once it’s fall / Autumn, it rains everyday too? What is the weather like where you are? I am just curious to know so please share with me.



  The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams…Eleanor Roosevelt    A lot of you know how passionate I am about writing Inspirational / Motivational posts even though I started out as a “Fashion Blogger”. This is because along the line I figured I didn’t want to waste my gift…

AUGUST BLOG IN REVIEW (Fashion Tips, Beauty Tips & Some Motivation for Success)

If you missed my September best wishes for you, please read it HERE. I shared a few things I have up my sleeve and WHY you too should do all you can to be who want to be and the true meaning of September. Please read.

Today, I bring you a review of all the look books, fashion & style tips, beauty tip and motivation for the month of August. If you missed any post, it is a good time to catch up.  To read any of the posts, JUST CLICK on the Image and you will be taken directly to the page to read in full. Now let’s do it………