Yep, it is the last day of November! I can’t believe we have just one more month and the year is gone. I am looking forward to Christmas and all the goodies that come with it :). Hope you are doing well today and settling into the week well.

Today, I bring you the November blog post in review and all you may have missed. To catch up on any of the post, please click on any of the image you want to see more of and it will take you to the entire post. But first……


CANTU SHEA BUTTER REVIEW (This is giving my natural hair some loving at the moment)

I have been gently transitioning into natural hair for some time now. When I say transitioning, I mean I decided not to have a big chop; I am gently trimming my textured hair (relaxed hair or chemically straightened hair) off as my natural hair continues to grow.

Since I have been transitioning, I decided not to buy any hair products until I did a thorough research. After researching and doing some reading too, I decided to try out the “Cantu Shea Butter” hair products.  Today, I bring you my findings, it is been good………




As a “church girl”, I have to say I am a bit conservative in my approach when it comes to styling. However, I do my best to chip in other kinds of styling from time to time; especially for younger audience and to cater for everyone really like the mini dresses I wore HERE & HERE and crop blouses like HERE.

Since I tend to gravitate more towards all things midi, today I bring you some of my favourite midi skirts and dresses for Winter. I hope you find inspiration in the styling. To view any of the looks in full, please click on the image you want to see where you can find outfit details & Styling TIPS. Any questions, please ask below…..

Now, let’s get started………




On Saturday, I spoke at an Enterprise & Careers day in Dublin. There were other speakers from different works of life; 2 Doctors, an amazing lady from Google, a Psychiatrist, a Forensic Accountant and an Amazing Irish Youth Pastor who also happens to be an Author. It was an awesome event and I thoroughly enjoyed been a part of it.

Speaking at this event made me realise one thing and that thing, I will share with you today on Motivation for Monday………


ASK MJ ::: WHY DO DARK SKIN TONE NEED TO WEAR SPF (sun protection factor)?


I am currently having a round of style master class. In these classes, I have a Google hangout with women from different parts of the world and I help them discover their style, what works for their life style and personal style etc, and skin care.

Skin care is a bonus for the master class and every time we get to skin care, all the women (mostly women of colour) ask the same question which is why do dark skin tone need sun protection factor?

Sun protection factor is not limited to people with fair skin only (Caucasians or White). Everyone needs SPF in their skin care regimen and daily too. Why?




As you can tell from the title, it is a 2 in one post . On this blog, we mix the look book with some motivation. Life is too short to be stylish alone. We all have to learn to dress up and show up to fulfil purpose even if our job is a stylist. I am a Stylist by the way who also happens to be a Motivational Speaker.


Today, I will be sharing with you how to style leggings and on Motivation, the reason WHY I believe New Year’s Resolutions is “crap” and a goal killer. On my journey to self, I changed just one thing, it was my life philosophy. One of such philosophies is the New Year Resolutions…….





Mrs O as she’s fondly called by the media or Mother-in-Chief as was described by Vogue is a woman of class and grace. She is a woman every woman wants to be like. She is powerful, beautiful, poised, intelligent, smart and the out going first lady of the USA amongst so many other things.

Today, I bring you Michelle Obama as the cover girl on the December 2016 Issue of Vogue magazine.




I bought this “bomber jacket” about 7 years ago. Yeah, you heard me right….7 years ago! On the day I got it, I got a black version too. I have worn the black version more than I have worn this one and that is why it looks almost like new. I had it stored away for some reason but decided to bring it out on this day for coffee run……

This look is a typical errand look book and the kind I spot when I do things like school run, drive the boys to places like football, basketball and any of their activities really. Another casual chic school run look book can be found HERE



Black and brown are not 2 colours a lot of people mix together because both hues are dark. However in the Autumn and Winter, they are 2 of the most popular colours you see around when it comes to clothes. You see them in form of coats or jackets, and so many other accessories. I went to the shops yesterday and I saw so many blacks and browns(tan, coffee, dark brown) on the shop displays and they look so fine……..

Today, on Motivation, Should I give up on my set goals now?



In the colder months like November, December and January, the skin feels really dry or drier than normal. In these months, your make up lasts longer because their is little or no sun. Basically you do not sweat so much because there is less heat. To get that dewy and flawless skin for the season, no negotiations, you have to moisturise, moisturise and moisturise, if not your skin becomes drier. Your lips need moisture too.


How to Get Flawless and Well Hydrated Skin HERE  &  HOW to Achieve Smooth, Silky and well Moisturised Lips HERE




I have come to terms that regular length trousers will never be long enough on me no matter how generous they are in length. It is part of my vision to be able to create a line of super long trousers / pants collection in the future for tall women like myself. At least trousers long enough for women with long legs.

Today’s look is another example of a not long enough trousers but “men”, I had to rock it like that 🙂 But seriously, do you have length problems with trousers?