Black Friday wasn’t as popular here in Ireland up until about 2 years ago. Since it is now a tradition and a lot of Irish stores are joining in, I thought to share some tips and tricks for shopping the Black Friday deals or sales with you. These tips and tricks are also relevant to any other kinds of sale and for any other parts of the world too. The idea for buying or shopping the sale is to save money and buy good deals BUT it is possible to also waste money if care is not taken. To avoid such money wasting adventure, please read…….




When I first moved to this beautiful country that is always so cold a.k.a Ireland, I struggled with the weather, especially the colder months. When it gets colder,  I would wear a jacket but would still feel so cold. At the time, my prayer was to get so rich that I do not have to work or have any reason to go anywhere. I just wanted to stay at home to keep warm. However, we all know that life does not work like that .It was my struggle that brought about my way the art of layering.


What Do You Want? (Motivation for Monday)

Many times, I come across so many people who ask me the very old age question, “What should I do”? Should I do this or that or go this way or that way? Others ask me if I can help them? When I get this question of “help me”, I still end up having to ask, “What do you want” because sincerely, if I do not know what you need help with, I can’t help you. That is the truth!  And nobody can help you if you do not know what you want. This is the honest truth. It is okay not to be sure or clear but you MUST have an idea of what is it you want.

Today on Motivation for Monday, I will be sharing TIPS on how to know what you want so you can live a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life.


How to Wear an All Black Ensemble – How to SLAY in Black

Black is the darkest hue in the colour spectrum and can be worn by all skin tone no matter how dark the person is. Think of Alek Wek, the legendary super model in an all black ensemble. Wek has one of the darkest skin tones in the world of modelling and when she wears black, she rocks it like its hot.

The truth is many people shy away from black, especially people of colour but I tell you, again, no matter how dark your skin is, you can rock black chic…..

You Can Do This (Motivation for Monday)

In the past couple of weeks, I received many messages than I would normally get. When I read through all these messages and met up with some of the amazing people who wrote to me, I can conclude that a lot of people want more for their lives, want to grow, want to contribute to the society and economy at large, people want to use their gifts to help others and in turn fulfill their own purpose. Today’s blog will encourage someone who is on the cross roads of whether or not to go ahead and start working on the huge burden and desires of their hearts.