Everything is Changing & So Must You (Motivation)

I looked through my fashion email subscriptions this morning and noticed that the mood of fashion retailers have changed due to the lockdown. Here is what I mean, naturally, fashion retailers at this time of the year would have been “shoving” in our faces Summer fashion featuring must buys, must haves and must wear pieces. 🙂

As I looked through their selection which I do as a Blogger to get familiar with trends, I couldn’t help but notice that they sent out pieces that can be worn for this season – Spring/Summer but more tailored to what you could wear at home. Basically, what fashion retailers are trying to tell us is that, while we are at home, we can still look all cute and fine.

Why are they doing that? For fashion retailers who are still trading, they want to continue to make money, if not, they would be at risk of loosing it all. With brands like Debenhams going into administration, other retailers are intentional about how they can make revenue, if not a lot, some at least. This would help them save their business and keep people employed.