It is almost inevitable for me not to wear black and white (minimalism). If I don’t wear them formally, I wear them casually. I know I’m not the only one, can I get a witness 🙂

Black and white can however be bland like food without salt. I have figured out how to “spice up” or dress up my black and white and today I will share those TIPS & TRICKS with you. Now, let’s have a look……



Every one desires clean, clear, well hydrated, well moisturised and balanced skin but not every one knows how to achieve that. In 3 simple steps, I will show you how in this post.

See the illustration below……….

Clear skin + good make up, when you take off your make up, you still have your Clear skin

Bad Skin + good make up, when you take off your make up, you still have your bad skin.

Clear skin / Good skin + good make up, when make up is off, you still have  Good Skin / Clear skin.

Which would you rather?





There’s this popular saying that when life throws lemon at you that you should make lemonade. This was the case of a couple over the weekend. They decided to make lemonade out of the lemon Nature threw at them.

In case you don’t know, there was a heavy down pour of snow in some part of the US for some days. While a lot of people stayed in doors, the couple decided to do their pre-wedding shots in the snow.

Now they are so popular because of the photo shoot.

Stay with me, I am going somewhere with this story because it is not all about their sudden popularity…..

Did you hear or read about them? Check the gorgeous photo here.


How Tomboys Can Dress For Prom

It’s always a little shocking seeing a girl at prom dressed in a suit or pants instead of a dress, but why shouldn’t they? Tomboy-chic always lands up on the best-dressed lists. While it may take some confidence to pull off, there’s no doubt you can garner many compliments. However, finding formal prom dresses that…

GOOD SKIN :::: THE 3 STEPS SKIN CARE SYSTEM (cleanse, exfoliate & moisturise)



I am very passionate about good skin and good skin care products. When you have “good skin” (healthy, clean and & clear) you will not necessarily need to wear make up daily. When you don’t wear make up daily, your skin get’s the chance to breathe. Wearing make up daily clogs up your pores.

Many wear so much make up daily because they have something to cover or hide under the make up.




You can never go wrong with pairing basics. On a day when you don’t know what to wear and no matter what the season is, turn to basics, they never let you down.


What is Basics ?


Basics are wardrobe staples or essential pieces in a functional wardrobe.

Some of the things I consider basics and I highly recommend that every one should have at least one of each in their closets include a denim, a classic white button down shirt, a black pair of pumps;low or high, a structured blazer and many more basics which you can see in my wardrobe essentials or wardrobe staple here.