WHAT TO WEAR | BEACH STYLE by mojintouch featuring oversized glasses Hi Lovelies, Welcome! Hope you had a good week. What plans have you for the weekend? All things are bright and beautiful. Thank God for a good weather. If you ever have plans to head off to the beach today, here’s something I put together.…


Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. The casual friday is one of my favorite days in the work place. It is the moment to ditch formal and get creative with your styling. OUTFIT Paired a classic blue denim with a crisp white frilled neck and tie detail. A tartan blazer to tie the…


  PASTEL TO LUNCH. by mojintouch featuring lips makeup Hi Lovelies, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. I love pastels. They are sweet, easy and gentle even on the eyes. They work well on all skin tone. Above all, they are perfect for SPRING. OUTFIT A wrap dress with round neck and no sleeve. This…


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