Why Every Clothing Start Up Should Use Online Platform Sewport Instead Of Chasing Factories

Fashion is one of the only industries that has seemingly been technologically left behind, when it comes to sourcing suppliers and new business. Introducing Sewport.com, a clothing manufacturing and fashion industry revolution.   Sewport is a fashion tech platform, launched in 2017, that brings together design start-ups and established designers, with suppliers and professionals from…

Why I Wore This Yellow Dress to Graduation + Major Styling TIPS


As I walked to the very front to receive my award on graduation day, I knew all eyes were on me. That sounds boastful BUT truly that was the case. I am a 5 ft 11 – “thin” woman and with my yellow dress, I wore a 5 inches heels which made me 6ft + tall. I was nothing short of a super model…..

Okay, as soon as the occasion (graduation ceremony) was over, one of my Lecturers, a former Buyer with Burberry came to me and said, “MJ, everyone was looking at you and talking about you. You looked amazing in that YELLOW dress. You looked so tall and stunning, like a Super model”….

I smiled and said, I knew that. We got talking and I told her WHY I choose the dress. Today, I want to share with you why I wore this old dress and some styling TIPS for you….



Firstly, thank you all so much for the birthday messages and the blog anniversary well-wishes. My Facebook especially was filled with so much love from many of you. I am grateful.


Good news!. My hair has grown so much that some people saw my husband in Nigeria recently and asked him if that was my natural hair or a wig. YEP, it is my natural hair.


I told you in my first post on What to Know Before You Go Natural that he was the one who encouraged me to go for it. And since then, I have learnt so much on natural hair by reading good books, checking out other people’s hair journey BUT most importantly, paying close attention to my own hair – the later here is the most important thing, as no one size fits all when it comes to natural hair.



What does your home look like in Winter?



As the colder weather continues to linger, most ‘down time’ is spent in the comfort of your own home. Whether you like to curl up next to the fire with a hot chocolate or watch your favourite tv series in your snug, when the weather outside is unpleasant there is really no place like home.

So, when you get home after a long day in the office, what does your winter sanctuary look like?

During the winter months, it is common for many to make the most of their time at home, and focus on those all-important home improvements. The weather outside may be bleak, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be!

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home there are a variety of trends and designs to choose from, interior design doesn’t have to be daunting, with a little time effort and inspiration you can create the perfect space for you! When adding new additions, make sure your home insurance stays up to date. If you need help and advice on the right home insurance for your property, get in touch with the experts at Chill Insurance.




“Double the trouble” is the popular one we hear. Not for me, it is double the blessing. Amen, somebody!. So, it is my birthday today and also the “blogversary” of the Moj In Touch blog.

First, I would like to say, a massive thank you to all of you for the continued love and support. You are the reason WHY I am still here. Everyday, many new blog pops up somewhere in the world and every day, many blogs shut down. In my life time of blogging, I have seen many blogs come and go BUT because of you, we are still here. Thank you.

By the grace of God, I will be blogging for a long-long-time. I do hope you stick around too.


THE THINGS I HAVE NOW (Motivation for Monday)

I believe I can’t be the only one who aspires to be more. In case you don’t understand, here’s what I mean: so many times, I pray for some things, hope for some, wish for some BUT I also know that for me to have them, no matter how much I pray, I have to WORK for the things I want before I have them.

Jim Rohn, a faith based motivational speaker always said: “For you to have more, you have to become more”. If I may, this simply means, what price are you willing to pay for what you want? Today on motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “the things I have now”…….



This is it: we live in a world where the strong take advantage of the weak. The rich taking advantage of the poor. The smart taking advantage of the slow or gentle. A world where a lot of haters bully us to be quiet and conform to their game. Having said all those, this world is beautiful with a lot of great minds, people, talents, friends, lovers and more.  Today, I want to encourage you on HOW to deal with the enemy within and also how to beat haters at their game.




When talking about anything that is so easy to throw on and go, that would be tunic. They are easy to dress up and easy to dress down. You can wear them in the day time and also in the night time. Wear them to drinks and when you want to feel like a rock star or run errands, tunic can take you there. Today, I bring you tunic love and different way to wear them.



After all the bulk of work I did towards the end of last year and early this year, I decided to take a little break. I went away for 4 nights to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. Before I left, I decided to create another travel vlog because the one I shared last Summer here on the blog was very well received by you. Thanks to everyone who read,  I enjoyed reading your kind feedbacks.

Without further ado, today, I bring you my brand new travel hack video and the step by step method I follow when I pack my carry on.



A wise one once coined an acronym for the word FOCUS as “Follow One Course Until Successful”. As simple as that acronym seem or sound, a lot of us tend to dabble into too many things at the same time. While there is nothing wrong with that, a lot of times when we do that, we tend to not give in our best while doing everything together and so we are average or do a mediocre job in all of the things we combine together. To be able to get ahead and achieve a lot, it is best to FOCUS. Today on Motivation for Monday, I am writing to encourage you to FOCUS and how to do so….



The last time I shared a bun tutorial with you, I used my relaxed hair. You can see the tutorial of that perfect sleek bun HERE. Now that my hair is natural (not chemically straightened), I look for protective styling for my it, especially in the Winter when the weather makes my hair dry. Currently, my best protective styling would be those cornrows that I shared HERE but currently, I am wearing box braids and so, today, I will be sharing with you How to Style Box the Braids into an Elegant Bun in 3 minutes…..


CHALLENGES MEAN GROWTH (Motivation for Monday)

In a recent research done by Forbes, a lot of people came out to say, the word “problem” scares them. I believe that was so because the word itself is described with synonyms like complications, trouble, difficult situations etc. That sounds scary right? However, in the same research, many say the word Challenge seem like one that could embrace because you can describe the word challenge with synonyms like summon, dare, etc.

Today, my first encouragement to you would be to see every difficult situation you may be going through as a challenge and not a problem. Personally, I see a challenge as an opportunity to dare to do something new and an opportunity to grow.

And guess what, many big organisations has now adopted the word challenge instead of problems.  Today on Motivation for Monday, I bring you, Challenge Means Growth….




Other than dresses, I love skirts. They do not only make me feel like a lady, they are versatile enough to pair with a chic blouse for the work place or for going out. For example, go for a halter neck blouse, skirt, heels and a clutch or mini bag and you are good for dinner; go for a clean crisp white shirt with flats or heels and you are good for work and on and on. Skirts are great like that. Today, let’s check out one of my oldie but goodie skirts….


WHO IS A COACH & DO YOU NEED ONE? (Motivation for Monday)

Having “failed” before because I didn’t know what to do on my own and I didn’t seek help from those who know, I encourage everyone never to suffer in silence. If you don’t know what to do after trying all you can, ASK for help. This is the way forward. It is okay not to know what to do but not asking for help shouldn’t be an option be it in business, relationship, career, education, training or with life issues in general.

Following different requests I have received about the subject “Coach”, today, I bring you a motivation blog called, Who is a Coach and Who needs a Coach? + How to Choose the Best Coach for You.



Getting married on the beach is one of the cheapest ways to have a wedding. Other than the cost of travelling to the beach, if it is a far one, beach weddings save you the stress of booking a hall, decorating and giving you the chance to get married while enjoying nature. Not to talk of the beautiful pictures that comes with getting married on the beach. Here are some tips for choosing the best beach wedding dresses



As I prepared for my exams over the holidays, I took on my first two premium “mentees”. They were launching blogs and businesses and needed my help on how to get online – create questionnaires, coin business “terms” together and market products online, send business emails, attract the right clients and on and on….

Sincerely, I didn’t want to take anyone on at the time because I wondered, how on earth would I be able to combine wearing a “mentor’s” hat with exams? BUT? I was confident that I could make it work and so I cracked on….




2017 is almost over. It is amazing how the year went by, so quickly. What a year, may I add? While there were a lot of ups, there were also some challenges along the way. The good news is that in every challenge I experienced personally, I found growth. I am grateful indeed for this year; taking the bull by the horn and going after everything I wanted to…..wow! Many of the growth I experienced, I will share with you in the new year please God.



Agbani Darego is one of my favourite people in the whole world. For one, she was once a Miss World and secondly, she has an effortless style with class and grace. Every time I see her, she is wearing something minimal with clean lines and very au-natural make up. I just followed her on Instagram actually….

So, I did a Winter beauty favourites and exercise routine video, I uploaded it to YouTube and while I was still there, YouTube fed me a video that matched my tags and the video was that of Agbani. I clicked on it and to my utmost surprise, Agbani shared a beauty secret I am about to share with you today…..


LET THEM SAY (Motivation for Monday)

Realistically whether good or bad, people would always have an opinion of us. A lot of times, this happens because the expectations of others of us may not be what who we are or how we want to live our lives. Unfortunately, when we do not conform to what people expects of us, we may not be their biggest fan and or they may not like us or what we do. Today on motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “let them say”.