IN EVERYTHING, BE THANKFUL (Motivation for Monday)

December is best known for Christmas. A time when many of us look forward to spending quality time with the ones we love. While some of us have people we love to spend quality time with, some of us do not. Also, research has shown that December is a time when a lot of us feel disappointed, discouraged, hopeless, heart broken, lonely, broke, broken and so much more.

Today, I am writing to you to encourage you that no matter what you are going through or no matter how “poor” you are feeling, please, in EVERYTHING be thankful.



USE WHAT YOU HAVE (Motivation for Monday)

Every time we make babies, a year later, we celebrate their birth. Although I have 2 biological children, today, I celebrate the birth of my “baby”- “Use What You Have”. It’s been a year since this purpose book was born. I am grateful indeed to God for such a gift. I am not only going to share the birthday of this book with you but to encourage you and also to celebrate ME for how far I have come on this journey called purpose. Please read.



Tall boots are chic and can be worn with many different outfits and to most occasions. You can wear the tall boots to work or to play. Your tall boots can simply take you to dinner or to dance and you can style your tall boots with skirts, dresses or pants. Find some looks as we go along in this blog. Today, I bring you a quick fall look book sharing chic TIPS on how you can style the tall boots.




Not a lot of people would wear white in the Winter because a lot of us believe white is for the warm season (Spring / Summer). Today, I do not only bring you a winter white look book featuring a sweater dress but the dress is one you have seen over and over again here on the blog. Let’s check it out with some styling TIPS.


WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH (Motivation for Monday)

I have now come to a stage in life whereby the time I do the most is when the going gets tough. The old me would say something like, “this is too hard, I can’t be bothered” or “I can’t ‘kill’ myself” or “I just can’t do it” and on and on. These days, the time I put in my very best is when the going gets tough for me. WHY? This is because I have now realised that the end- result is where the treasure lies. If you like, call it light at the end of the tunnel. Today on motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “when the going gets tough”





I realised I haven’t done any look with some “swag” lately so, today, I decided to get my swag on and you would be able to tell from the photos too 🙂

As much as I try to change things up a little bit to keep the blog lively and fun, I still remain myself because I share what I would wear in real life. I encourage y’all to be you, every other person is taken. Do what you love and those who would love you, would. #doyouboo



The weather is gone colder now and this means just one thing: dryness of the skin. And if there is anything I do not joke with in all seasons, it would be moisture. I love to moisturise, moisturise and moisturise more. When I did my skin care routine on video featuring my everyday skin care routine, one of my lovely viewers left me a kind comment saying, “sincerely, I can’t figure out how old you are. Your skin is so youthful” 🙂 That made me smile. You can see the video HERE with more comments.

Without further ado, today, I bring you a beauty haul + some skin care TIPS for this season .



As a Blogger (Fashion Blogger), a lot of people see my life as perfect. WHY? Let me speak from the angle of clothes….. When people (especially people back at home) see the “fine photos” I share featuring those “fine clothes”, they automatically assume that I have it all. Although I am very grateful for where I am, behind the scenes of how I got here is what nobody knows but me……

Today on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call behind the scene.


YOU CAN DO IT (Motivation for Monday)

At one stage or the other in our lives, we all have come up with one thing or the other we think we can do to change our lives or propel our lives forward. We come up with this great concept, vision or idea and then, we fail to follow through because we feel we can’t do it. We come up with all kinds of excuses in the books just not to do anything about that dream….

Today on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “you can do it”



The worst “enemy” they say is the one inside. When the enemy within doesn’t live anymore, a lot of times, the “enemies” around us have less effect or power on us. What am I saying?

When we are at peace within ourselves or let me put it this way: when our mind is in the RIGHT PLACE, no matter what anyone else says or do to us, about us behind our backs, it won’t have any effect on us. However, when we are NOT at peace within ourselves, the slightest movement of someone we think does not like us becomes suspicious to us. We overthink everything; we assume no one likes us; we fight battles that we shouldn’t be fighting; we live in regret, guilt and a lot of times, we are sad, sorrowful and stuck. YEP, when we are not at peace within ourselves, we become stuck……this is because we “fight” unnecessary battles……….


WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR STUFF (Motivation for Monday)

Looking, Listening, Reflecting or Thinking (in a good way), Standing Still and listening more are good qualities every one should learn to have. Those qualities give you a clear insight to what you are not sure about and a lot of times, they give you solution to what may be a problem.

No wonder, Maya Angelou says, “It is in the stillness of your heart that you hear the voice of God”. What that simply means is that when we rush, rush and rush through life, we get too busy to hear anything, even if it is the voice of God.

Today on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “When You Know Your Stuff”.




My go to would always be a white shirt or blouse with black skirt/pants (trousers). Whether I am going to work or to play, if there is an option for black and white, I just go for it. Why not?

Let’s talk about a white shirt for a minute. A “white shirt” is classic, timeless and it is a wardrobe essential / staple. Everyone need at least one in their closet.

Now, there is a problem: black and white can be plain, bland and boring, so, in this post, I bring you the few ways I make my white shirts look fly.



Think of a formal wear for a man, you think of suits, right? When it comes to the woman, dresses, skirts, fitted shirts and pants + blazer could be regarded to as formal depending on how they are worn. Now, the woman can wear the pants-suits. Hillary Clinton to me is the queen of pants-suits. She wears it well.  Her wardrobe of pants-suit is enviable.

Well, I do not have many pants suits in my closet / wardrobe but today, I have a perfect one to share with you with some STYLING TIPS.


IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS (Motivation for Monday)

I know you must have heard that saying that says, what we do today is what determines what we become tomorrow. YES, whatever it is you do today is what determines the outcome of your future. That sounds harsh but that is the reality of life.

Remember I wrote a blog recently called, This Time Last Year. In that blog, I shared the importance of time and that you should never waste it and WHY you must embrace your purpose-journey.

Today, I want to ask you and encourage you about what I called, “In the next 10 years”





For a girl who was born and raised in the sun, it is quiet a challenge to embrace the weather even though I have been here for a while. Although I am not a fan of the colder months, I absolutely love the styling for the colder months; the tall and thigh high boots, layering, hats and so much chic pieces for Fall/Autumn and Winter months. So today, with my look, I am gently falling into fall and I am excited to share this look book and styling TIPS with you.


WHAT DO YOU WANT? ASK! (Motivation for Monday)

I needed a job and so, I applied for one. The employers liked my CV and they brought me in for an interview. The interview went well, now I have a job! This simple “analogy” I did here is simply ASKING……

When we ask, we receive, when we seek,we find and when we knock the door would be opened unto us. These words are true but a lot of times, a lot of us don’t even bother asking, seeking or knocking. Why? Today on Motivation for Monday, I ask you, what do you want?