My children were whispering to themselves as we went through the airport, not that I didn’t know what they were talking about, still I asked them, so, what are you whispering about? They both said together, you know mum. Well, I knew exactly what they were talking about and this was it….each time I go through the airport, I shop perfume and skin care….. If I am not buying after shave for my husband, I am buying perfume for me or skin care…..

On duty free while on our Summer holiday this year, I got the Giorgio Armani Sì and Clinique but because I have done the review of the Clinique for you before HERE, today, I bring you the full review of the Giorgio Armani SÌ



True leadership is leading by example I believe. If as leaders, we are out there inspiring others to do better and be better, it is important that we ourselves are not left behind in doing better so as to be better than who we are today……

I give my all in making those inspiring and motivation videos and while I do so, I never forget to apply all of those tips I share to my life too so I am not only dishing out but taking in as well, if you know what I mean. And because I believe I could do so much more than I am doing now, I set a challenge for myself this week to make a video a day. Of course I know this wasn’t going to be easy, still I did it….



As a writer, I challenge my imagination to write different types of blogs. I write fashion, beauty, lifestyle and motivation and more…Not only do I write, I read a lot too. Okay now, once upon a time, I used to think that I do not have the time to READ. I was one of those ones who said things like, once I leave school, that is it, I would never read again. Sounds familiar? I know some of you reading this may have that mindset too 🙂 Not to worry, we all learn daily, only when we give ourselves the chance to learn…..

If you are one of the ones who say things like, once I finish school, I will never read/study again, you are basically saying, I want to stop growing because the day we stop learning or acquiring knowledge, we stop growing or we start dieing…

Today on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage on something I call, draw the line. Let’ do this……..



August was a month of new beginnings, growth and transition for me. I did some things I have never done before, I created a new course to help Bloggers and my older child started secondary school. Although there was more memorable things, those 3 were my highlight and I am thankful indeed for everything.

How was August for you? Would love to know, please share. Also, I want to take this moment to welcome you to September and wish you the very best with it. I am excited and looking forward to greater things in September please God. I hope you are too. Please, be positive, be prayerful and be hopeful. All shall be well with you.



When you think of Audrey Hepburn, Coco Channel or Princess Diana, what do you think of them or their looks? Me, I think of them as women who wore classic clothes and would never be forgotten in style history.

Classics never go out of style, they live forever. If you want to look classy, modern, polished and sophisticated, classy pieces is way to go. Today, with this look, I bring a brand new classic chic look book with a twist. Let’s check it out….


3 Life Lessons to Learn from Conor McGregor (Motivation for Monday)

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After his defeat in the Saturday night fight, Conor McGregor partied at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas according to TMZ. Even though he lost the fight to Floyd Mayweather, he was said to have earned around $100million (€83.9million) according to Irish Independent + more on the way from other deals.  Trust me, with that kind of money, any “loser” would party and foot the bill of 85k at a post-fight party. But wait, yep, McGregor lost the Saturday night fight to Floyd Mayweather but truly, is he really a loser?

Today, on Motivation for Monday, I have a small story to share with you on WHY I think McGregor is not a loser and WHY we must all “be McGregored” by learning these 3 lessons from his life so far……..



This month of August alone, I have gotten 10’s of messages about how to make money from Blogging. While every Bloggers journey is different, I believe every Blogger should get rewarded for the work they put it. Emphasis on the WORK they put in. 

Today, I will share with you some of the reasons WHY a lot of Bloggers don’t make money and may never make money if these mistakes are not corrected.




I love shopping the sale BUT I love to use my head (think about it) while doing so. When I shop the sale, I shop the same way I shop when the items are not on sale. I consider durability of the item; how will it fit or match what I already have in my closet and in how many ways can I style the pieces? I encourage you to do the same so you are not wasting your hard earned money.

In my recent sale buy, I bought this accordion pleated skirt and rib-knit and in today’s look, I slay like I am on the run way.


EARLY RISERS (Motivation for Monday)

I do not buy newspapers BUT I am subscribed to the newspaper of the county where I live so I can read local news and learn what is going on in my community and country.  Since the results of the leaving certs is now out, I was on the look out for that news…I checked out all articles written on the leaving cert specifically to check this year’s performance. As I looked, I saw a girl from one of the county’s who did really well, the girl power in me would not let me notice the boys first. Sorry boys. As I looked further, I saw another headline that says, “the boy with the highest possible score in this year’s leaving cert”. What the boy said in the papers made sense and because I was inspired by it,  I bring you, early risers.



As someone who is transitioning from relaxed (chemical treated hair) to natural hair (kinky hair), protective styling like box braids is what I wear mostly. Box braids are made from kanekalon hair extensions and they can be made long, short and in between; they can also be braided thin, thick and in between….


INSIDE THE COOKIE JAR (Motivation for Monday)

If you are a constant to the motivation for Monday on Moj In Touch, you may have read the one I called, “Don’t Blame the Coach“. If you missed it, please check it out, you would learn the importance of taking responsibility for your life and more……..Today, I am taking you on a slightly different journey that I like to call “Inside the cookie jar”! When I got to the University, university of Ibadan to be precise. University if Ibadan (UI) is Nigerian’s premier university and I am privilege to have attended such a tertiary institution. So, when I was in the university, I ate so much cookies. The ones I loved a lot were Maryland cookies. I loved them so much, I made up my mind that when I grew up and started working and have my own money and home (goals), I would have a massive cookie jar where I would store my Maryland cookies and eat which ever amount I wanted when I wanted them. Unfortunately, before I finished uni, I stopped liking Maryland cookies, I stopped eating them all together…..Like, I said earlier on, today, I would like to encourage you in what I call, “Inside the Cookie Jar”


NATURAL HAIR HACKS (Get Soft, Shiny & Silky Hair)

Hair they say is the crowing glory of the woman. Yep, I totally agree because we all love to make our hair and look fabulous. However, when it comes to natural hair, the information out there is so much and can be overwhelming if I may add. In my previous Hair blog I called “What You Need to Know Before You Go Natural“, I said, your natural hair is like a baby, how I raise mine may not necessarily be how you raise yours; the most important thing is to embrace your hair journey and do what works for you”.

So today, I have some natural hair hacks for you. It is like an update of my own hair journey, products I have been using to get soft and manageable hair, combs I now use and the new hair dryer for natural hair my hairdresser bought for me…




If you call me the queen of looking elegant, you wouldn’t be too far from spilling out my “character in style” and that was WHY I shared the blog on HOW to look elegant so we all can “SLAY” like queens. There is just something about dresses that make every woman look so polished and well put together. However, if you want to take elegance to the next level, maxi dresses is the way to go. Whether you are going to the red carpet or you are a wedding guest, maxi dresses make you look so fine. Let’s check out some maxi dresses I made look a million dollars……


THIS TIME LAST YEAR (Motivation for Monday)

I am writing as I travel on the train this morning and I couldn’t help but to reflect on exactly what I was doing this time last year. This time last year, I was on a flight to England and to keep me busy, I was writing the second draft of my first book, Use What You Have. Use What You Have is a book I wrote on HOW to discover your gifts (purpose), how to own them, embrace them and HOW to fulfill your purpose in life by using your GIFTS.

Although I go to England often, on that particular occasion, I went to England to be with one of my best friends who was having her first baby. In the next few days, I will be back to be with the same friend to join her in the celebration of the birthday of this child that was born this time last year……




I look for different ways to improve myself, what I do and maximise the skills that I already have so I can serve you, my dear audience better. And because of that desire and optimism, I am back to doing look books, pairings and styling videos.

When I first started my YouTube channel, this was what I set out to do and along the line, I started doing other things. Although I will be doing every other thing I do before, I will be more than very happy to bring you more styling videos to help you “maximise your closet”.



Have you ever wondered why all of a sudden, you stop seeing some people as often as you would normally see them? You just notice that you don’t see them as much as you would. They are well, they are alive BUT you just don’t see them anywhere from social circle to parties or in places you would normally see them? Today on motivation for Monday, I bring you the true meaning of purposeful isolation.