Every time I write makeup blogs, I always say, “to get the perfect or flawless makeup, you do not have to have the most expensive makeup BUT the right tools or makeup brushes”. What I mean is this; the right tools / make up brushes help you get flawless makeup finish and not the makeup itself.

While it is important to use the “best” tools to apply your make up, it is more important to care for the tools you use for your makeup application. WHY?



Someone once wrote, if it puts some pressure on your hair line / edges, it is not worth it. What this means is….. if their is any hair style you wear that could damage your edges, stay clear of it or them. In my honest and humble opinion, this is the wisest thing to do for your hair’s sake.


Its just hair you may say. I know but once the hair follicle on your edges or hair line is damaged, they never grow back. Did you know that?


Today, I bring you few TIPS on HOW to prevent damage to your edges


CANTU SHEA BUTTER REVIEW (This is giving my natural hair some loving at the moment)

I have been gently transitioning into natural hair for some time now. When I say transitioning, I mean I decided not to have a big chop; I am gently trimming my textured hair (relaxed hair or chemically straightened hair) off as my natural hair continues to grow.

Since I have been transitioning, I decided not to buy any hair products until I did a thorough research. After researching and doing some reading too, I decided to try out the “Cantu Shea Butter” hair products. ┬áToday, I bring you my findings, it is been good………


HOW TO ::: High Bun In 2 MINUTES With Marley Hair Extension on Natural Hair (no gel used)

Today, I will be sharing with you how to do a quick 2 minute bun with “Marley hair” on natural hair. Before I share that with you, I want to say a massive thank you to all of you on your kind comment on my post on Going Kinky? What to Know before going Natural. If you missed that post, please go ahead and read it as I shared reasons WHY I decided to go natural and what to know before going natural.

And now let’s see that 2-minute high bun tutorial with Marley hair……


Ghana Braids / Cornrows / Weave ::: Full details, Maintenance & Styling


Although in my wedding anniversary post, I mentioned I was going to share the full details of my “Ghana weaving”, a lot of you have also bombarded me with the request of the details since I first shared it on Instagram. Thank you for sending me your request ­čÖé


This hair style is called different things by different people. For example, I call it the Ghana braids. Some call it the Ghana cornrows, some Ghana weave, some Ghana weaving and I call it Ghana braids like I mentioned earlier.




Just like the skin, the scalp produces natural oils that help the hair stay oily.  People with extremely oily skin would understand how annoying it can be for the face to look oily again after a few hours of washing the face.


While packing on oil on the hair is one major factor that can make the hair greasy, other factors like hormones and medicines like birth control could cause the hair to be oily.