It is no secret that I insist my photos are not over processed with editing and photoshop so I don’t look different to people when I meet them in real life. Thankfully, I have met so many of you who end up saying, you look same like your photos.

And because I don’t like to photoshop my photos to perfect my skin, I have dedicated time to learn and I am still learning how to take good care of my skin. Today, I bring to you how to reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles……


Ghana Braids / Cornrows / Weave ::: Full details, Maintenance & Styling


Although in my wedding anniversary post, I mentioned I was going to share the full details of my “Ghana weaving”, a lot of you have also bombarded me with the request of the details since I first shared it on Instagram. Thank you for sending me your request 🙂


This hair style is called different things by different people. For example, I call it the Ghana braids. Some call it the Ghana cornrows, some Ghana weave, some Ghana weaving and I call it Ghana braids like I mentioned earlier.


Foundation, Primer & Skin Care Haul, Full Review, Skin Care TIPS & Details Of BONUS To Try

I recently ran out of one of my favourite foundations and because it has now become my go to; I had to buy another one. Surprisingly, I didn’t use it for two weeks, I used other ones. Now that I have finally bought a brand new one, I present to you, the Lancome Teint Idole ultra 24 hrs foundation. I also bought the Lancome LA BASE Primer by the way.


Current Beauty Favourites | Products I used Up | Products I would Recommend



One of the best things you could do for yourself is to care for your skin (face & body).  We all know that the only constant thing in life is change. As we get older, our bodies begin to change and the most obvious part of the body that will definitely get older is the skin. The body would change whether we like it or not!


However, it is been proven that when we moisturise our skin, this tend to slow down the ageing process. For me personally, moisturising my skin is one of my skin care priorities.




Just like the skin, the scalp produces natural oils that help the hair stay oily.  People with extremely oily skin would understand how annoying it can be for the face to look oily again after a few hours of washing the face.


While packing on oil on the hair is one major factor that can make the hair greasy, other factors like hormones and medicines like birth control could cause the hair to be oily.




You’ve just bought this fantastic lipstick after so many reviews you saw / read on it and you just can’t wait to wear it. You wear this new lipstick of yours and it is looking so glamourous on you. After just your morning tea or coffee or lime water, the lipstick is off your lips. Disappointing right? Don’t worry, these 5 simple steps will help your lipstick longer if not all day.