The tie style scarf is been on trend for some time now. Even though I am not a trend follower or buyer, If there is anything that falls into the category of “trend” to me like the tie style scarf I have on this post, I go for it. I go for it because it is something that is a trend but timeless. TImeless in the sense that when the item is no more trending, it can still be worn without it feeling dated.

This tie style scarf can be worn in numerous ways and it would be my pleasure to share different ways of wearing it with you in the future. If you are new to the blog, I am all about maximising my wardrobe/closet.

Talking about styling the tie style scarf in different ways, did you read my post on the art of maximising? If you missed it, check here


I am always drawn to stripes when they come in black and white. Why? It is because black and white to me is like ice cream. No matter what the occasion is, ice cream is always a good idea. So also is black and white, no matter what the occasion is, both colours just work. It is even more fun when the black and white in question is stripes because stripes actually look dressier than they really are.

I strongly believe that I am not the only one who feels black and white is like ice cream. What do you feel or how do you feel about black and white?



A lot of us have so many clothes but most times we do not have what to wear especially when we are going out. We just can’t seem to find what works and we end up buying more clothes only to find out we still don’t have anything to wear. Ironic right?

Styling your clothes could be overwhelming if you can’t find things. Another thing that could cause you stress is if you have too much clothes but can’t figure how to store them.

Have you ever been in a situation where by your wardrobe is full but just can’t seem to put things together? Or are you tired of buying over and over again only to arrive at the same destination of not having anything to wear.


When I think of Autumn colours, it reminds me of home. I live very close to a farmland with loads of massive trees. The moment the leave colours start changing then we know it is Autumn/Fall. Even though it could be challenging to clean when the leaves starts falling off and blowing towards home, I love the change in the colour of the leaves.

Today’s look was inspired by the trees near home. From leave green, all of a sudden the leaves starts changing to orange and yellow with some dash of red. Beautiful I will say !


The last time I shared some TIPS on how to frame/accentuate the face, I suggested that wearing high neck blouses (turtle neck) is one of the best ways to do that. You can learn other ways here.

Not only does the high neck blouse helps to frame the face, it is one of the easiest ways to keep warm when the weather gets colder. Honestly, it is my uniform in the colder months. Any one who knows me would know that about me. Throw on some gloves and jacket and cold will be far away from you.



I count it all joy when I find pieces that could be worn in more than one season. This dress is an example of what I mean. It is perfect for now (fall) and can also be worn when the weather gets colder (Winter).

It is also one of the patterns I love ; houndstooth. I am in that phase now where houndstooth appeals to me. I also paired it with grid here and shred TIPS on how to pair print on print.


Mixing print on print or pattern on pattern is one of my favourite things to do when it comes to styling. Another is mixing delicate fabrics with tough fabrics to create balance or juxtapositions.

Today, let’s focus on mixing print on print. I have also decided to move Motivation for Monday down to the bottom of the post because some people are only here to read fashion and style and not motivation. If you read my motivation, please read it below. I thank you for reading.

Now back to fashion !