TOP DRESS & TASSEL by mojintouch featuring genuine leather handbags Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. This look reminds me of a modern woman who is edgy and classy at the same time. The look is all about details combining a high low dress with a pointy toe triple strap sandals and…


  BELTED MAC & FLORA by mojintouch featuring genuine leather handbags Hi Everyone, Happy Sunday to you. Hope you are having a nice weekend so far. I made this look book featuring a flora dress I also featured here in my 21 pieces I selected for Autumn. If you have been following me for sometime,…


  DITCH THE COAT, CAPE UP by mojintouch featuring a woolen cape Hi everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. I am doing very well and keeping warm. I am excited to be sharing with you a collection of capes I put together. Capes were big on the runway for the AW 2013 fashion show…


  PASTEL, GRID & TEXTURE by mojintouch featuring a short sleeve dress Hi everyone, Welcome! Hope you are settling well into the new week. I love mixing textures and prints and for this look book, that was exactly what I did. I have to say though that when you mix print and texture,look for a joining…


Picture 8 2

 Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. I am happy to be back with something new.

As the weather continues to get colder, I continue to love the creative challenge of staying warm while still been stylish. I am wearing my tall boots again for this look. I have a white shirt paired with a skinny black jeans tucked into my tall boots. This boots are ideally over the knee boots but because of my height, it reaches my knee. I also wore the tall boots with my denim on denim look.

I finished off the look with my CAPE and black bag which I wore like a clutch. I have my silk DKNY scarf wrapped around my neck to keep me nice and warm. I detached the scarf from the bag I am wearing today. I also wore this scarf and the tall boots here.
Also for this look, I played with Juxtapositions, i.e I wore something loose on the top and something tight on the bottom. It is a well balanced silhouette.


  TALL BOOTS & FUR by mojintouch featuring ankle strap boots Casual Friday is an excuse to wear whatever you fancy in the work environment. While most people wear denim/jeans, this collage tells another way how you can make your casual Friday the talk of the office. I love tall boots, I wore a pair…


BERRY DELIGHT by mojintouch featuring satchel handbags Hi Everyone, Welcome. Hope you are doing well and your week is going great. My Love for colours still continues in this fall/autumn season. I am a believer of injecting colours into a fall/autumn wardrobe. For this look I paired a black and white panelled skirt with a…


  CAGED BOOTIES by mojintouch featuring Oscar de la Renta Hi Everyone, Welcome. Hope your day is going great. I am fine and always happy to be back. Burnt orange is one of my favourite colours for Autumn and Winter. For this look, I have a beautiful mini sweater dress. If the weather gets colder,…


Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. I am doing well and busy. Busy is good.
Just a quick blog post today. I am wearing a vibrant orange colour with palazzo pants/trousers. For Autumn/winter, I love wearing a pop of colour from time to time. It is a good way to brighten up the dull and dark weather and colours brings about a happy personality. I will be featuring more colours in the future, so watch out.


Hi Everyone, Welcome! Happy new week to you. Hope your weekend was great. I had a fab weekend with the family. I am thankful and blessed.

After the New York Fashion week and the London Fashion week, I feel very inspired to have more fun with fashion. I love the “midi”skirts, I can’t seem to get enough of them. I love how flowy they look and the feminine nature of them. Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the city ignited my love for them and since then, I have been collecting. I think they will be around for some time and if not, I will enjoy while it lasts.

For this look, I am wearing two delicate fabrics.i.e  Silk and Chiffon, they mix so well just like peanut butter and jelly. For my styling, I pulled my hair up and wore a bold red lips, it reminded me of my days in “modelling”…… days!


Tea Party one
Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well. I am happy to be coming back to you with my tea party look.
I have always wanted to go to a tea party as I have never been to any before. Since I do not have any invite to go to any tea party, I decided to pretend as if I was going to one. This dress is so simple and I would wear it again if eventually I get an invite to a tea party.

Today,  I wanted an easy and simple look, since the weather is still treating us fine, I reached for this summer dress from the GAP. I did a giveaway on my youtube channel where I  gave this particular dress away to a lucky mom for last mother’s day. I always take care of myself so I kept this one for me. I believe everyone should take care of themselves, not only with clothes but physicallymentally and emotionally. If you don’t take care of you, nobody will take care of you. So ensure to take care yourself at all times.