As I dash away in my little “Romper” and boyfriend shirt, I thought to share some travel tips with you today because I know a lot of you just like me will be travelling to one place or the other this Summer.


In my humble opinion, Summer time is that one season a lot of us in this part of the world look forward to because we get to enjoy the sun and we get a break from work to travel; well for people who love travelling.


HOW TO AVOID BUYING FAKE GOODS (luxury goods & high street)

Recently, a friend of mine sent me the pictures of the items she ordered from a seller online; when she got the items, the pieces she saw in the photos were not what she received in person. Holy crap right? She was tricked into buying rubbish / fake. She is not the only one, a lot of people have fallen into this trap of fraud where they buy things from online scammers who steal photos from reputable brands to sell their products.


Kindness ::: Multicoloured Maxi & Off the Shoulder


When I first heard the saying being kind is different from being nice, I thought what is the difference? Even though the former and the latter are almost similar, there is a massive difference between the two.

It is almost like saying the “maxi skirt is the same as the full maxi skirt. The full maxi skirt and the maxi skirt sound alike but there is a difference between the two as well. What is the difference between the two you’d say? I will tell you…..




Basics a.k.a “wardrobe essentials” (denim, basic tee / white shirt, flat pumps etc) are the pieces you can easily put together and you are good to go. They can sometimes become boring right? I feel that way sometimes, do you? To ensure my basics don’t become boring, I look for unusual ways to style my basics and today’s look is an example of what I mean.




Impossible was my first thought when I first tried on this cotton dress. I liked it a lot but I thought this mama couldn’t wear this with my boobies hanging out BUT impossible is nothing to me so I worked with it.


But honestly, do you not begin to doubt yourself and your God given abilities when you hear the word impossible flying all around the internet, your office, your college or school and in your home from people you love and trust etc. Do you not have some doubt when you hear impossible?





Finding a work-life balance as a parent especially as a mum is one of the things I put on the top of my priorities.  I work hard just like so many other amazing working women and mums from all around the world and believe me, I am not afraid to play hard and harder if I have to.


On a play day, I look for an outfit that embodies style, fun and playfulness. And today’s look is just it.





Today, I shopped my entire look from my closet! Have you ever opened up your closet to pick out what to wear and the only pieces you reach for are your favourite old things? My look today was styled with all things oldie but goodie; I mean from the faded khaki pants to the basic tee to the shoes and bag and to the necklace. Every thing is old but in today’s look, I made them all new; that is what it means to shop from your own wardrobe.





I do miss home because of the very many times I could wear the colourful Ankara print and the ever so sunny weather. Once the weather warms up around here, I look for every reason to wear the print and today’s look is no exception.


In case you are wondering where is home, I was born and raised in Lagos-Nigeria where the sun is like the second skin. I now live in Ireland with my husband and kids.


What is Spanx? Best Underwear Guide & The Difference Between Fitted & Tight



I mentioned in my last post where I shared different ways to style the off the shoulder trend that I get different questions and from different parts of the world too. Thank you so much for sending me your questions. It is always my pleasure to share and to help.  I got another one from two amazing ladies from Italy and I will share answers to their question in this post.





Dear April, it was so good to see you. Thank you for bringing all that God had in stock for us. Because you were so good, we are looking forward to a favour filled May.


How was the month of April for you my beautiful friends? If April didn’t go as planned for you, don’t worry, May is another brand new month to try again. Trust me, you will be fine and God will be glorified through you.


As always, I bring you a throw back to all the blog posts here on Moj in Touch for the month of April. If you missed anything, now is the time to catch up on all my Chic Styling Tips, Motivation and Look Books. Enjoy……….


STANDING IN BASICS ::: Denim, Organza Blouse & Cut Out Booties


The calmness I felt after my quiet time early this the morning was what drew me to this “statement shirt”. The purity of the shirt feels exactly like what I felt inside.

Inside of me, I felt a sense of calm! It was the Calmness in my heart that led me beside the still water(s) at this location for photos. The location was quiet, peaceful and calm just like I felt inside.




For today’s look, I decided to make all things bright, bold and beautiful in this colourful bow neck tube dress. After all, spring is all about colours. This look is simply a case of if life throws you a lemon, just make lemonade.  The weather as you can see in the photos was dark but the dress was colourful enough to make everything bright and beautiful.