I personally believe that taking care of the mind, the body and the spirit is important to live a balanced and fulfilled life. So I am very committed to taking care of all three. For my spirit, I feed on the scriptures, for my body, I exercise and eat well and for my mind, I focus on positive things. With the help of New Directions Aromatics, I have found a new direction for not only my body but for my mind, my spirit and my home too.




As a working mum,  it can be hard sometimes to get around everything I need to do. Let’s just say, there is always something to do. I have now learnt that planning my day everyday helps me do so much. Also I ask for help when I need some. From driving the children to school to doing house-hold chores, I ask for help because I know I can’t possibly do everything on my own.



Bags to me is like icing on the cake for any look. Wear something casual (denim, basic tee & sneakers) and you look casual. Wear a solid leather bag with that look and your look looks elevated almost instantly. Have you felt that powerful effort of bags before? I have.

While bags can instantly elevate a look, I have to say that I do not have a wide range of them. I have a minimal collection but I am happy with them. Not sure if this is vain but I do care for my bags like they mean something to me. In this post, I will share some of the ways I take care of my leather bags with you.




Hi Mj, Can you please do a review of brushes that are durable and affordable. XO………”A”


I was sent a request to help look for a set of make up brushes that are affordable but can stand the test of time. And like I always say, getting flawless make up is not about how expensive your products (make up) are BUT how well you can apply your make up + the tools you use.


FOOTAGE FROM THE BOOK LAUNCH ::: Book Signing, Meet & Great & After Party

Hope you had a nice week. I did myself. You may have noticed that I took a little break from posting here on the blog. I was very intentional about that so I could get some rest after all I put my body through before the book launch. I did a lot of running around to ensure that everything goes well so I was very tired hence the break. I am grateful to God everything went well as planned and beyond. Thanks again to everyone who came through.



Sunday evening was “lit”as friends, family, fans, supporters, blog readers, Youtube family and well wishers came to celebrate with me at the unveiling and launch of my book, “Use What You Have“. I was overwhelmed with the love and support on the day. I cried, laughed and eventually jumped for joy, it was amazing.

I woke up at about 4am on the day praying and asking God to take all the glory and He did. It was an amazing event. About 100 people came through to share the moment with me.


CANTU SHEA BUTTER REVIEW (This is giving my natural hair some loving at the moment)

I have been gently transitioning into natural hair for some time now. When I say transitioning, I mean I decided not to have a big chop; I am gently trimming my textured hair (relaxed hair or chemically straightened hair) off as my natural hair continues to grow.

Since I have been transitioning, I decided not to buy any hair products until I did a thorough research. After researching and doing some reading too, I decided to try out the “Cantu Shea Butter” hair products.  Today, I bring you my findings, it is been good………


ASK MJ ::: WHY DO DARK SKIN TONE NEED TO WEAR SPF (sun protection factor)?


I am currently having a round of style master class. In these classes, I have a Google hangout with women from different parts of the world and I help them discover their style, what works for their life style and personal style etc, and skin care.

Skin care is a bonus for the master class and every time we get to skin care, all the women (mostly women of colour) ask the same question which is why do dark skin tone need sun protection factor?

Sun protection factor is not limited to people with fair skin only (Caucasians or White). Everyone needs SPF in their skin care regimen and daily too. Why?