Ballon Sleeves Dress ::: How to Look Good in White

I love details that take any style piece to the next level. This dress is plain, almost bland if you like but the SLEEVES did not only give them the va va voom that made the dress stand out, it is a detail that would make you stand out in any gathering. Not that I want to get noticed though 🙂 Today, I am sharing this white dress look book with you and some styling tips for your own personal style.



Black and brown are not 2 colours a lot of people mix together because both hues are dark. However in the Autumn and Winter, they are 2 of the most popular colours you see around when it comes to clothes. You see them in form of coats or jackets, and so many other accessories. I went to the shops yesterday and I saw so many blacks and browns(tan, coffee, dark brown) on the shop displays and they look so fine……..

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I have come to terms that regular length trousers will never be long enough on me no matter how generous they are in length. It is part of my vision to be able to create a line of super long trousers / pants collection in the future for tall women like myself. At least trousers long enough for women with long legs.

Today’s look is another example of a not long enough trousers but “men”, I had to rock it like that 🙂 But seriously, do you have length problems with trousers?