Girlfriend Jeans Again!….. How to Style the Girlfriend Jeans (Part 2)

If there is a thing like wearing something too much, then this pair of girlfriend jeans would qualify for being worn too much. Since I got them, I haven’t stopped wearing them and here we are again with another styling featuring the same jeans. Well, let’s face it, one of the reasons why I started this blog is to show you how to shop less, wear more, so you can save more……so, this post is showcasing or living that truce. Now, if you missed my post on How to Style the Girlfriend Jeans Part 1, check HERE. In that post, I shared everything you need to know about the girlfriend jeans. Without further ado, let’s check out today’s look and my styling tips for today.


Denim Day ::: How to Style the Girlfriend Jeans

I am trying out something new today and it is all good! It is the Girlfriend Jeans! Before now, I do not take chances with jeans in general. If it is not a very well fitted skinny jeans or boot cut jeans, I do not go near it. However, I decided I want to have more fun with jeans, so, I went ahead to order this girlfriend jeans. Guess what, since I got them, I haven’t stopped wearing them. Why did I wait till this long to try out the girlfriend jeans? So, let’s check out today’s look featuring the girlfriend jeans.




The first time I did a denim look book, I styled one denim in 5 ways, you can see that post HERE.  In that post, I shared helpful TIPS on how to maximise your closet. The second time I did another denim look book, I styled another favourite of my denim in 3 ways, you can see that post HERE.  Today, I bring you another denim look book I like to call 5 times I made denim look chic. Hope you are inspired.




One of the Kardashian sisters, Khloe, is trending right now because of her new denim line called the “Good American”. However, after reading the reviews of the denims, I concluded they are good BUT the price is ridiculously high like her fans says. The price of the denim starts at $197. Expensive right?

You may not be able to buy the Good American denim or jeans because they are so expensive but you can wear your high street ones stylishly. This is exactly what I am going to be sharing with you in this post.

Since it is Autumn, all my looks today are Autumn perfect and ones you can take from day to night. Now let’s have a look at them…….



denim on denim open one
Hi everyone, Welcome! Happy Wednesday to you. I hope your week is going on smoothly.
For a few days now, I haven’t been able to take pictures because of the weather. So when we finally got some sunshine, I dressed up and took a few shoots. For this look I am wearing denim on denim. This trend isn’t going anywhere soon. More and more celebrities are embracing this trend even for fall.

Even though there was sunshine, it was still cold so to combat the cold but still staying stylish, I reached for my tall boots and tucked them into my jeggings and finished the look with my scarlet red open tote. I also have thesame colour on my lips, that colour is very lovely for fall/autumn