Happy Monday Lovelies ! Any time I go shirt shopping for the boys in my life (my husband and sons), I tend to gravitate towards blue. Not that I do not buy them any other colours but most times, I  buy them different shades of blue from pastel to baby blue to turquoise blue. I basically buy…



Merry Xmas my beautiful friends. It’s amazing that this week is Xmas week. I am thankful and happy that we made it this far. I hope you are as excited and thankful as much as I am.

Listen guys, no matter what is going on with you now, be thankful, celebrate and enjoy this season. It is the season of love and giving, don’t forget that 🙂 Now smile!



Hi Everyone, Welcome. How are you all doing. I am doing great and thankful for the blessings God is bringing my way. I would love to share some of them with you at some stage.

Today I am wearing black and white with a dash of red. I love very clean, sleek and classic silhouette. For this look I am sporting a fitted pencil skirt and peplum top/blouse with lace detail. I love the delicate nature of the lace fabric. It screams femininity and chicness. I finished this simple look with a nude pair of pumps. This one happens to be my favourite, it is more comfortable than the one I wore in my AFRICAN QUEEN post. 


THE HIGH- LOW SKIRT by mojintouch featuring a black leather purse Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are all doing well and your week is going great. Today I am playing with volume, texture and cut. I love a clothing item that can be worn in different ways. Even though the outfit featured in this post…