Fixed Goal with Flexible Path (Motivation for Monday)

A couple of months ago, I shared a blog titled FOCUS where I encouraged you to Follow One Course Until Successful. I am not changing my mind today about the tips I shared in that post but I am here to tell you today that while it is important to follow one course until successful (FOCUS), it is also important to recognise that we must have a VERY OPEN mind for us to be able to succeed in all areas of our lives. Let’s check out today’s motivation for Monday


You Can Do This (Motivation for Monday)

In the past couple of weeks, I received many messages than I would normally get. When I read through all these messages and met up with some of the amazing people who wrote to me, I can conclude that a lot of people want more for their lives, want to grow, want to contribute to the society and economy at large, people want to use their gifts to help others and in turn fulfill their own purpose. Today’s blog will encourage someone who is on the cross roads of whether or not to go ahead and start working on the huge burden and desires of their hearts.


Delayed Gratification :: How to & Advantages

A lot of times in life when we want something, many of us want it now and once we think about it, we want it at all cost.  It even gets interesting that when we achieve a goal, we believe we deserve a treat so to say and we go on and treat ourselves. Well, treating ourselves is one thing, getting that treat at the right time is another……

I had the opportunity to share with the Youths I mentor about Delayed Gratification – How to Achieve it and the Advantages of delayed gratification. This footage was a very long one but I managed to reduce it to about 10 minutes…Please watch below….


You Are Not What You’ve Been Through (Motivation for Monday)

When we go through challenges in life, a lot of us tend not to see ourselves beyond where we are. We blame ourselves, we belittle ourselves and a lot of times, a lot of us just stay down with no plan of getting up again from our setbacks. Staying down is easy because just anyone can stay down. However, it takes boldness, courage, determination and self-motivation to rise again after a set back. We have to understand that, the only way we can rise again after a setback is that we must do whatever it takes to rise again. Today on motivation for Monday, I am writing to encourage you to see yourself beyond where you are now and what you may have gone through.



It is not so obvious but the same letters that spell the word silent actually spells the word listen. Let me list both words below and what they mean:

SILENT: not speaking. Silence can also mean the lack of audible sound, or the presence of sounds of very low intensity. The word silence can also refer analogously to any absence of communication or hearing, including in media other than speech and music

LISTEN: to make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something


Today on motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “silent everything and listen to you”



Be True to You (Motivation for Monday)

If is possible for someone to look at me and tell me the things I want to hear even when I know they are not telling the truth. It is possible for me to allow anyone to lie to me because I just want a feel good factor or a pick me up. It is also possible for me to know the truth and keep waving it away because I can’t be true to myself, just for not being true to myself. I like to put it this way, anyone can lie to you BUT If you lie to yourself, you are your own greatest enemy…..

Today on motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, “Be True to You”


CHALLENGES MEAN GROWTH (Motivation for Monday)

In a recent research done by Forbes, a lot of people came out to say, the word “problem” scares them. I believe that was so because the word itself is described with synonyms like complications, trouble, difficult situations etc. That sounds scary right? However, in the same research, many say the word Challenge seem like one that could embrace because you can describe the word challenge with synonyms like summon, dare, etc.

Today, my first encouragement to you would be to see every difficult situation you may be going through as a challenge and not a problem. Personally, I see a challenge as an opportunity to dare to do something new and an opportunity to grow.

And guess what, many big organisations has now adopted the word challenge instead of problems.  Today on Motivation for Monday, I bring you, Challenge Means Growth….


IN EVERYTHING, BE THANKFUL (Motivation for Monday)

December is best known for Christmas. A time when many of us look forward to spending quality time with the ones we love. While some of us have people we love to spend quality time with, some of us do not. Also, research has shown that December is a time when a lot of us feel disappointed, discouraged, hopeless, heart broken, lonely, broke, broken and so much more.

Today, I am writing to you to encourage you that no matter what you are going through or no matter how “poor” you are feeling, please, in EVERYTHING be thankful.



USE WHAT YOU HAVE (Motivation for Monday)

Every time we make babies, a year later, we celebrate their birth. Although I have 2 biological children, today, I celebrate the birth of my “baby”- “Use What You Have”. It’s been a year since this purpose book was born. I am grateful indeed to God for such a gift. I am not only going to share the birthday of this book with you but to encourage you and also to celebrate ME for how far I have come on this journey called purpose. Please read.


THIS TIME LAST YEAR (Motivation for Monday)

I am writing as I travel on the train this morning and I couldn’t help but to reflect on exactly what I was doing this time last year. This time last year, I was on a flight to England and to keep me busy, I was writing the second draft of my first book, Use What You Have. Use What You Have is a book I wrote on HOW to discover your gifts (purpose), how to own them, embrace them and HOW to fulfill your purpose in life by using your GIFTS.

Although I go to England often, on that particular occasion, I went to England to be with one of my best friends who was having her first baby. In the next few days, I will be back to be with the same friend to join her in the celebration of the birthday of this child that was born this time last year……




The first half of the year is now over! In case you don’t understand what that simple line means, it means that JANUARY to JUNE 2017 is gone and it’s gone forever and we will never see those months again. However, we have the whole of July – December of 2017 to do GREAT things. Today on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you to RISE AGAIN. What does this mean?


SPREAD YOUR WINGS & TAKE OFF (Motivation For Monday)

I love reading stories of successful people. I love to read about what they did differently and WHY and HOW they become successful in their field. If I can say so, I miss Obama in office and because I missed him so much, I have being reading about him. I read about how his mother would wake him up at about 5am to do his homework; I read about his move to Chicago and how he shunned earning high in large corporations to serve the public………..



I heard some factories are recruiting she said to him. He said, “NO, I do not want to work in the factory because I know I will get the job I want and that is why I am doing what I am doing now”.

She then said, you can start and when you get the one you desire, you can leave it. He said, No, that is not what I want.

Today on motivation for Monday, I will be sharing with you the great life lessons I learnt from my husband’s friend.




I stood right there by my seat jumping up and down. I was smiling as if my mind was being said. I couldn’t help it no more but to say Oh My God!. It was as if my mind was split opened by a surgeon and EVERYTHING I had in there was being played on a wide screen. It then made sense when my own child said, “mum, everything we learnt in church today, you said already in one of your videos and a lot of it in your book, did you know that?” I turned around to him, smiled again and said, I know baby. Today, I will be talking to you about WHY you should trust your journey.



It is obvious that we live in a world of information overload where everyone and everything needs our attention. Can you help me do this or can you help me do that? Does that sound familiar? However, Research shows that an “average person” spends about 4.7 hours a day on their phone, calling, texting and doing other things. The same research shows that so many people spend at about 3.2hrs per day on social media. In this busy world of information overload and everything and everyone trying to get your attention, today, I will share with you how to STAY FOCUS!





It was just like yesterday when we said Happy New Year and all of a sudden, January has come to an end. Amazing! This goes to show that time waits for no one. So how was January for you?  January for me was busy. I am venturing into new things and just like any other new thing, it’s been challenging but not what I couldn’t handle, thank God. God is always faithful.

Today, on the blog, I have the January blogs in review + Motivation for Monday for you.



  My second read this year is a book called Mindset by Carol Dweck. I have learnt what kind of mindset works for growth and which one doesn’t. Coincidentally, one of my Mentees (I currently have 6 of them from different parts of the world) wrote an amazing article about the power of the mind…


This time of the year is all about sharing love and giving gifts. While giving gifts is good, giving gifts people would value and use is the utmost to me when I give gifts. So in simple terms, before I give any gifts, I put some thoughts into it and ensure the receiver actually would like the gift. Would like the gift? Well, we can’t decide what people like but we can at least try to give what is good.

So what is a gift?