For about 4 years, I was a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Although I do not do Mary Kay anymore, the EXPERIENCES; business tips, beauty tips, skin care tips and so many other things I learnt from being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant is part of what gives me the confidence to run my own business, write beauty and skin care like a “pro” and do so many other things for myself and my client’s companies and so much more. Today, I will be sharing the importance of making things happen with you.


What Do You Want? (Motivation)

So many times, I have come across many people who come to me to help them because they do not know what they should be doing? They say things like: “Should I be doing this or that” or “go this way or that way”?  By God’s grace I have been able to help many based on what my own coach showed me many years ago…..

So, when I get this question of “help me”, I still end up having to ask, “What do you want” because sincerely, if I do not know what you need help with, I can’t help you. That is the truth!  And nobody can help you if you do not know what you want. This is the honest truth. It is okay not to be sure or be clear about what you want but you MUST have an idea of what is it you want.

Today on Motivation for Monday, I will be sharing TIPS on how to know what you want so you can live a meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful life.





When Dolce & Gabanna created Abayas (long line tunics) and Hijabs in their last collection for the Muslim women who love luxury, I was super excited because the collection reminded me of where I came from.

Growing up in a muslim home, one of the things we wore a lot was tunics. We wore the long line ones, longer than the one I have on in this post and we wore the short ones too. Anything tunics, we wore. I loved the ones my grand ma brought back from Hajj, they were gorgeous.

Today, I bring you the long line tunic from day to night.


3 Life Lessons to Learn from Conor McGregor (Motivation)

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After his defeat in the Saturday night fight in August 2017, Conor McGregor partied at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas according to TMZ. Even though he lost the fight to Floyd Mayweather, he was said to have earned around $100million (€83.9million) according to Irish Independent + more on the way from other deals.  Trust me, with that kind of money, any “loser” would party and foot the bill of 85k at a post-fight party. But wait, yep, McGregor lost the Saturday night fight to Floyd Mayweather but truly, is he really a loser?

Today, on Motivation for Monday, I have a small story to share with you on WHY I think McGregor is not a loser and WHY we must all “be McGregored” by learning these 3 lessons from his life so far……..


Being Kind VS Being Nice + Style in Multicoloured Maxi & Off the Shoulder Blouse


When I first heard the saying being kind is different from being nice, I thought what is the difference? Even though the former and the latter are almost similar, there is a massive difference between the two….

It is almost like saying the “maxi skirt is the same as the “full maxi skirt”. The full maxi skirt and the maxi skirt sound alike but there is a difference between the two as well.

This blog is like a 2-in-1 delivery – I will share the difference between KINDNESS & NICENESS in the motivation first and in Fashion, I will share the difference between maxi skirt and full maxi. Let’s do motivation first – So, what is the difference between kindness and being nice. I will tell you…..


What Price Will You Pay For PURPOSE? ( Motivation)

I attended the Excel Women conference in London about 8days ago and sitting down in that conference, I couldn’t help but think about the price I paid to attend that conference. Not necessarily the monetary aspect of things but going out of my way to actually attend the conference. We had a family holiday planned so I went to England first for the conference and then back to Ireland and then back again on the road again with the family. It was a lot to deal with but hey, I did it. #Notcomplainingjust thankfulthatIcould.

As I sat down there at the conference with about 150+ women, I couldn’t but notice how expectant, “charged” and enthusiastic the women in there were, waiting to learn, connect and “fellowship” with one another. Today, on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on what I call, what price will you pay for purpose?



How to Spend Less on Clothes

With the uncertainty of the economic downtown still ahead of us, the last thing anyone should do, is to worry about buying more clothes. But sincerely, there is still not so much happening outside our homes, so we don’t need a lot of clothes, I guess? Today, I want to share with you five tips on how to spend less on clothes……..


This is How to Stand Out at a Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are the perfect time to dress up, feel fabulous and treat yourself to a new outfit. With so many options available on the high street and online, it can be a challenge to choose something you love that stands out from the crowd. We look at some great ways you can choose a stylish summer wedding outfit that makes you look and feel amazing, with these simple summer wedding style tips:

Audacity to Go After Your Dreams (Motivation)

3How will it make you feel if you take a bold step and go after the life you want? How would it make you feel if after thinking about something, you just don’t stop there but go ahead and make that thing happen for yourself? How excited would it be for you if right before your very eyes, what you have always dreamed of comes to pass? For example, pass that exam, launch that business, move to another city, ask that girl or boy out or whatever it is it you want? How would that make you feel?

Today on Motivation for Monday, I am writing to encourage you on what I call, “Audacity to Go After Your Dreams”



How to Discover Your Purpose Without Paying Anyone

True story, I am writing this blog at 3.46am. I woke up to pee and the idea to write this blog came to me. As a Writer, if you get an idea to write and you don’t start writing immediately, the dynamics of the story could change or the opportunity to write that particular thought could be missed – a writing idea coming to a writer is a GIFT. So, a lot of times, writers draft the plot in a writing pad or grab their computers and start writing. This time, I decided to grab my computer and make this thought into a post and I know it would help a lot of people. I hope it helps you…..


The Advantages of Working on that Goal of Yours Today (Motivation)

Today is a good day to start whatever it is you have always wanted to start……………..start the draft of a book, take a free course, register for your driving classes, write an email to ask for help, check up on someone etc. We can plan, deliberate, wish or hope for the things we want but if we do not do anything towards achieving those goals, we would not be able to achieve them.

Flawless Foundation Routine With NO Primer – Here’s Exactly What I Did

From time to time I love to try out something new and all the time when it works, I share my findings with you. You are very welcome :). As you know already, I do not wear foundation daily so as for my skin to have the chance to breath and also for me not to clog up my pores which can lead to skin dullness and breakouts. However, on days when I do not wear foundations, I wear some primer and then follow with my translucent powder or just my setting powder and then set it with my Mac’s fix plus and off I go for the day. So, I ran out of my foundation primer, the oil-free Lancome La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer Smoothing Effect on a day when I needed to wear foundation so I decided to try out something new and it worked. Let’s checked it out.


How to Know If You Are Fulfilling Purpose (Motivation for Monday)

Nearly every week, I change the DP on my WhatsApp with snap shot of feedback(s) I get from different people who have come in contact with my work. A lot of times, it is some sort of testimonial or feedback saying, “how much what I do has helped them” or “how my book has helped them” or “how a course I created has helped them” or “how a post I wrote on Facebook or somewhere else has helped them” etc.  I personally do this to remind myself of how far I have come on my journey and how much impact I make daily with what I do but most importantly as a reminder to be thankful to God for giving me the gifts I use to make such an impact.


Today, on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on “How to Know If You Fulfilling Your Purpose”……….


Everything is Changing & So Must You (Motivation)

I looked through my fashion email subscriptions this morning and noticed that the mood of fashion retailers have changed due to the lockdown. Here is what I mean, naturally, fashion retailers at this time of the year would have been “shoving” in our faces Summer fashion featuring must buys, must haves and must wear pieces. 🙂

As I looked through their selection which I do as a Blogger to get familiar with trends, I couldn’t help but notice that they sent out pieces that can be worn for this season – Spring/Summer but more tailored to what you could wear at home. Basically, what fashion retailers are trying to tell us is that, while we are at home, we can still look all cute and fine.

Why are they doing that? For fashion retailers who are still trading, they want to continue to make money, if not, they would be at risk of loosing it all. With brands like Debenhams going into administration, other retailers are intentional about how they can make revenue, if not a lot, some at least. This would help them save their business and keep people employed.


Your Mind, Your Body, Your Soul (Motivation)

The mind, the body and soul are 3 interlinked parts. One does not function without the other. When all 3 are cared for, we live a more fulfilling life and are happier. See, out of your mind is where everything starts – whether good or bad. And your body is the carrier of all things that comes from your mind and then your soul is the receiver of what your mind and body say.

Today, on motivation for Monday, I am writing to encourage you on the importance of caring for the mind, the body and the soul. Let’s check it out……….



I don’t know about you BUT it is my own 6th week of working from home with limited movement out of the house. While some of us have full time or day jobs we still do from home, some of us do not. For those of us who work, many of us have always desired to find time to work on some of our personal goals. For those of us who currently do not work, some of us have the will to do something new but do not know how and some of us can’t just figure out when to start. Today, I am writing to share some of the tips I am currently using in this lockdown/stay at home season. Yes, this lockdown is a season and I join every “believer” from different parts of the world to say, “this too shall pass”. Let’s check out these tips….



It is my 5th week of working from home due to the lockdown and what this lockdown mean for a lot of people is eating, eating and more eating. I am sure I am not the only one. If you are someone who loves to eat like myself but also want to stay healthy and fit without eating too much, there is a way around this and this is my gift to you today on this blog….


Follow Your Own Path (Motivation)


The past few weeks was quite busy for me but I wouldn’t change anything because it was all good. You all know I shared with you that my last wish on my old Vision Board was for my Mum to visit. Yep. this dream has now come true. Glory to God. Me, my husband and children spent quality time with Mum, we got the chance to take care of her, celebrated her birthday and enjoyed her company generally. Mum has now returned to Lagos-Nigeria and all is well with her. I must say I miss her and I am a little bit cranky that she is no more here with us. Don’t even dare call me Mummy’s girl 🙂 Sincerely, I just love seeing her in the morning before heading to work and seeing her when I return in the evening. I can’t wait for her to return again soon. Enough about me for now. So, if you are believing God for anything, don’t worry, it may seem delayed BUT TRUST me, it will eventually come to pass. Have you considered putting your wish on your Vision Board? Vision Boards are powerful and they work if you follow through and do your own part……

Check HERE for How to Make Your Very Own Effective Vision Board & The Advantages of the Vision Board