Finding a work-life balance as a parent especially as a mum is one of the things I put on the top of my priorities.  I work hard just like so many other amazing working women and mums from all around the world and believe me, I am not afraid to play hard and harder if I have to.


On a play day, I look for an outfit that embodies style, fun and playfulness. And today’s look is just it.



Recently, I listened to J Lo (Jennifer Lopez ) in an interview on good morning Britain where she talked about her insecurities of been judged about her voice for so many years and how she was able to overcome the insecurities.

Who would have thought J Lo feels in secured about anything. A “sexy Latina” who has made the American dream ! Talk about a super star judge on American Idol and so many pointers on her CV.

Listening to that made me wonder if there is anyone who doesn’t have insecurity issues about their body?

The truth is there will always be a part of your body you may not necessarily like. Does that now mean you should chop them off or go under the knife to correct them. Going under the knife is a topic for another day.