My MAMMOGRAM Experience + CYST Removal From My Breast (Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

In 2016, I found something I thought was an abnormality in my right breast. I was not sure so I went in to see my Doctor who immediately checked to see what the problem was…

By the way, when it comes to my body and self care, I do not leave anything to chance. I do my best to take care of myself because I have to be well to take care of every one else God has trusted in my care. I encourage everyone, especially all women and mothers to do the same. You have to be well before you can take care of other people.  Please take care of yourself always.


3 Life Lessons to Learn from Conor McGregor (Motivation)

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After his defeat in the Saturday night fight in August 2017, Conor McGregor partied at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas according to TMZ. Even though he lost the fight to Floyd Mayweather, he was said to have earned around $100million (€83.9million) according to Irish Independent + more on the way from other deals.  Trust me, with that kind of money, any “loser” would party and foot the bill of 85k at a post-fight party. But wait, yep, McGregor lost the Saturday night fight to Floyd Mayweather but truly, is he really a loser?

Today, on Motivation for Monday, I have a small story to share with you on WHY I think McGregor is not a loser and WHY we must all “be McGregored” by learning these 3 lessons from his life so far……..




It is that time of the year again when we celebrate the St Patrick’s day. Last year, I went all formal in my skirt-suit with “Shamrock”, this year I decided to go edgier while still incorporating the Irish flag colours into my look.

More than the fun look, I am mindful of the effect of the Coronavirus and the cancellation of all parades in Ireland and everywhere in the world. I am truly emphatic to those who go all out to celebrate the St. Patricks day in one parade or the other.
Please, lets look at the bright side of things by knowing that this is a significant day in the Irish history and let us use this opportunity to pray for peace in the world, will you join me?
I am also very hopeful that there would be some breakthrough with research and medicine to find a cure for this Covid-19, soon.
For now, let us all stay safe by following the prescribed cautionary measures and be our brother’s / sisters keeper.


Landscaping & Helpful TIPS to Maximise Your Garden this Summer


It is Summer and YES, the barbecue season is here. A time when many of us love to entertain friends and family in our homes but not necessarily inside the home but outside – in the garden to enjoy some fresh air, cool breeze and sunshine. While a lot of us would love to entertain in our gardens, the garden is not just good enough or “entertainment worthy”.  As I continued researching and learning more about landscaping so as for me to get our home garden Summer ready,  Landscaping Mississauga kept popping up in my research and it gave me ideas on creating that healthy garden space by using appealing natural stones, interlocking stone pathways and patios and so many fantastic ideas on landscaping your garden this Summer. Now, let’s check out a few ways to maximise your garden this Summer.



What does your home look like in Winter?



As the colder weather continues to linger, most ‘down time’ is spent in the comfort of your own home. Whether you like to curl up next to the fire with a hot chocolate or watch your favourite tv series in your snug, when the weather outside is unpleasant there is really no place like home.

So, when you get home after a long day in the office, what does your winter sanctuary look like?

During the winter months, it is common for many to make the most of their time at home, and focus on those all-important home improvements. The weather outside may be bleak, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be!

If you’re thinking of sprucing up your home there are a variety of trends and designs to choose from, interior design doesn’t have to be daunting, with a little time effort and inspiration you can create the perfect space for you! When adding new additions, make sure your home insurance stays up to date. If you need help and advice on the right home insurance for your property, get in touch with the experts at Chill Insurance.



I belong to a group that gives money advice daily. The owner of the group teaches on how to build wealth. In other words, she teaches on how to make money but most importantly, how to ensure that you keep the money. You know making money and keeping the money you make are two different things right? It is possible to make money and not keep it. It is when we keep the money we make that we can build wealth. However, life happens sometimes which can make us need emergency funds like paying for a car engine to be fixed. In this case, what do we do? Some take online loans from Northcash Loans and some pay for the repairs from their savings?



I personally believe that taking care of the mind, the body and the spirit is important to live a balanced and fulfilled life. So I am very committed to taking care of all three. For my spirit, I feed on the scriptures, for my body, I exercise and eat well and for my mind, I focus on positive things. With the help of New Directions Aromatics, I have found a new direction for not only my body but for my mind, my spirit and my home too.



Hi Mj, Can you please do a review of brushes that are durable and affordable. XO………”A”


I was sent a request to help look for a set of make up brushes that are affordable but can stand the test of time. And like I always say, getting flawless make up is not about how expensive your products (make up) are BUT how well you can apply your make up + the tools you use.


FOOTAGE FROM THE BOOK LAUNCH ::: Book Signing, Meet & Great & After Party

Hope you had a nice week. I did myself. You may have noticed that I took a little break from posting here on the blog. I was very intentional about that so I could get some rest after all I put my body through before the book launch. I did a lot of running around to ensure that everything goes well so I was very tired hence the break. I am grateful to God everything went well as planned and beyond. Thanks again to everyone who came through.



Sunday evening was “lit”as friends, family, fans, supporters, blog readers, Youtube family and well wishers came to celebrate with me at the unveiling and launch of my book, “Use What You Have“. I was overwhelmed with the love and support on the day. I cried, laughed and eventually jumped for joy, it was amazing.

I woke up at about 4am on the day praying and asking God to take all the glory and He did. It was an amazing event. About 100 people came through to share the moment with me.


CANTU SHEA BUTTER REVIEW (This is giving my natural hair some loving at the moment)

I have been gently transitioning into natural hair for some time now. When I say transitioning, I mean I decided not to have a big chop; I am gently trimming my textured hair (relaxed hair or chemically straightened hair) off as my natural hair continues to grow.

Since I have been transitioning, I decided not to buy any hair products until I did a thorough research. After researching and doing some reading too, I decided to try out the “Cantu Shea Butter” hair products.  Today, I bring you my findings, it is been good………




Mrs O as she’s fondly called by the media or Mother-in-Chief as was described by Vogue is a woman of class and grace. She is a woman every woman wants to be like. She is powerful, beautiful, poised, intelligent, smart and the out going first lady of the USA amongst so many other things.

Today, I bring you Michelle Obama as the cover girl on the December 2016 Issue of Vogue magazine.



Today’s post was inspired by Michelle Obama’s look at her final state dinner. Michelle rocked a gorgeous golden Versace dress which looked super elegant and perfect for the occasion. The dress was not just perfect, her hair and make up were also on point. She had on this gorgeous golden lip gloss and I thought wow, perfect!

So today, I bring you a highly requested “nude lip combination” I love to wear. I just had to film this one because of Mrs Obama. Thanks Michelle.



Pay attention to you skin is my word of wisdom when it comes to beauty. Today, I bring you a review of the “Clinique’s Prep-Start 2 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser“.  I am doing the review because I have been using the product for a while and it is doing great things to my skin. Since it is that good, I thought to share it with you too. If you are looking for a product that will exfoliate and cleanse your skin without leaving your skin dry and tight, here’s a product you want to know about.



  The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams…Eleanor Roosevelt    A lot of you know how passionate I am about writing Inspirational / Motivational posts even though I started out as a “Fashion Blogger”. This is because along the line I figured I didn’t want to waste my gift…

YOUR VAGINAL HEALTH (how to care for your Vagina)

Today’s post is quiet a different one as you can tell from the title. It is one a lot of women shy away from but I choose to talk about it today because a lot of women are suffering in silence because they are too shy to talk about things like this. So today, I bring you full details of how to care for your Vagina. I bring my science background to this one so expect to learn simple tips that could change your Vaginal health.



As classic as I am I follow trends. I follow trends because it is part of my duty to as a Stylist and Blogger to know what is in, what is trending and what is out. It is also always my pleasure to try out these trends especially the not so trendy ones.


Today, I present to you 5 unexpected trend that has taken the fashion world by storm.



You know the saying when you fail to plan you are simply planning to fail; I have to be honest, this phrase is not applicable to mums because as a mum no matter how much you plan, you could still fail sometimes. Let’s take for example, you have set out all you need to go to church on a Sunday morning, you dress all the children up(2 girls and a boy for example) and as soon as you turn around to do other things, your dear son grabs the cup of tea sitting on the coffee table and boom, there it goes all over his body and then you have to change his clothes again and before you know it, you are late already.



Don’t Use Photoshop, Use These Practical Photography TIPS

I do have an amazing Photographer who understands why I do not like to be photoshopped. Why? Please read more to find out….

We have so much fun when shooting together and nothing compares to that girl bond we have on set. Even though we have so much fun when shooting, we learn so much as well. She has actually taught me a lot of things I couldn’t have learnt on my own and some of those things I would share with you in this post.