Audacity to Go After Your Dreams (Motivation)

3How will it make you feel if you take a bold step and go after the life you want? How would it make you feel if after thinking about something, you just don’t stop there but go ahead and make that thing happen for yourself? How excited would it be for you if right before your very eyes, what you have always dreamed of comes to pass? For example, pass that exam, launch that business, move to another city, ask that girl or boy out or whatever it is it you want? How would that make you feel?

Today on Motivation for Monday, I am writing to encourage you on what I call, “Audacity to Go After Your Dreams”



SPREAD YOUR WINGS & TAKE OFF (Motivation For Monday)

I love reading stories of successful people. I love to read about what they did differently and WHY and HOW they become successful in their field. If I can say so, I miss Obama in office and because I missed him so much, I have being reading about him. I read about how his mother would wake him up at about 5am to do his homework; I read about his move to Chicago and how he shunned earning high in large corporations to serve the public………..