Flawless Foundation Routine With NO Primer – Here’s Exactly What I Did

From time to time I love to try out something new and all the time when it works, I share my findings with you. You are very welcome :). As you know already, I do not wear foundation daily so as for my skin to have the chance to breath and also for me not to clog up my pores which can lead to skin dullness and breakouts. However, on days when I do not wear foundations, I wear some primer and then follow with my translucent powder or just my setting powder and then set it with my Mac’s fix plus and off I go for the day. So, I ran out of my foundation primer, the oil-free Lancome La Base Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer Smoothing Effect on a day when I needed to wear foundation so I decided to try out something new and it worked. Let’s checked it out.



I have been doing my pedicure for a long time now. I would say it became one of my DIY (do it yourself) beauty routines when I moved to Europe. Not only does getting my pedicure done myself save me time, it has saves me tonnes of money. Let’s face it, a round of pedicure costs anywhere between 40 to 60 euros, so if you get pedicure once a month, you would have spent a total of 480 /  720  euros a year. That in my humble opinion is a lot of money especially if you are saving for a specific need or project or simply, if you are on a budget.

Well, you don’t have to worry about paying that much anymore. Today, I have a step by step guide on how you can do your own pedicure by yourself at home. Let’s have a look………



The weather is gone colder now and this means just one thing: dryness of the skin. And if there is anything I do not joke with in all seasons, it would be moisture. I love to moisturise, moisturise and moisturise more. When I did my skin care routine on video featuring my everyday skin care routine, one of my lovely viewers left me a kind comment saying, “sincerely, I can’t figure out how old you are. Your skin is so youthful” 🙂 That made me smile. You can see the video HERE with more comments.

Without further ado, today, I bring you a beauty haul + some skin care TIPS for this season .



ROUGE IN LOve LIPSTICK BY LANCOMESome of you my lovelies requested that I do a collection of red lipsticks that I love. Since I also went lipstick shopping, I thought to show the haul and as well as the ones I love. The lipsticks I picked up are perfect for this HOLIDAY SEASON for personal use and also as gift to your loved ones. I did a video giving a full description of each on my youtube channel.  I hope you enjoy. Do you wear RED lipsticks? Let me know, leave me a comment below. You can watch video here for full details and swatches.


Picture 13
Hi Everyone, Welcome! Hope you are doing well and the weather is been favourable to you.

Today I am talking about hair but before that, did you know that ALTUZARRA made a collection for TARGET? If you are interested in this collection, you can shop it here. Shopping a collaborative collection is a good way to buy designer brands for less. You better hurry because this collection is selling out fast.

Back to the hair, A few of my readers wants me to share some of the ways that I wear my braids after seeing me do different styles. I am so happy to share and thank God I have a video on how I maintain and style my braids. You can watch that video here.