How to Wear an All Black Ensemble – How to SLAY in Black

Black is the darkest hue in the colour spectrum and can be worn by all skin tone no matter how dark the person is. Think of Alek Wek, the legendary super model in an all black ensemble. Wek has one of the darkest skin tones in the world of modelling and when she wears black, she rocks it like its hot.

The truth is many people shy away from black, especially people of colour but I tell you, again, no matter how dark your skin is, you can rock black chic…..

Black is Perfect for Summer, Here’s How to Rock it

Black is the darkest shade in the colour spectrum and they come in different shades and texture. Once upon a time, all black was always my go to. All of a sudden, I went from wearing black all the time to wearing colours. The truth is, many people tend to wear black not because they do not like to wear colours but because black is safe and easy to throw on. Other advantages of wearing black include: black gives a flattering and slimming effect on all body shapes / type, can be worn multiple times without dry cleaning or machine wash, black in this time and age can be worn to many occasions, including weddings. So, how should you wear black for Summer? Here are a few ways:




I know some people would say, why not wear more jewellery to add “colour” to the look? Well, when you talk about minimalism, just call my name 🙂 I love a laid back easy breezy look and this one today is what I like to call Black out….

I love to share details of different ways to wear an all black ensemble. Also in today’s post, I have some looks listed below for your style inspiration. From work chic to date night chic to rock star chic and to boy meets girl, I have you covered. To see full details of any of the looks, please click on the image of the look you want to see.