My Live Television Interview on TVC – Wake Up Nigeria Talking How to Use What You Have

I know many of you have read my bestselling book, “Use What You Have – How to take your gifts from potential to fulfilled purpose“. After the successful launch of the book, I knew there was more to the book than just be a book. So, with the help and direction of God, I turned the book into a digital course and then a Live Masterclass which I travelled to Lagos Nigeria to teach.  As part of our publicity for the Lagos live Masterclass, I was on TVC to share more on the book and also the live event. Below is the footage of the live TV I had with Yomi Owope – one of the hosts of Wake Up Nigeria. I had fun doing that interview…..please watch below…..


IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS (Motivation for Monday)

I know you must have heard that saying that says, what we do today is what determines what we become tomorrow. YES, whatever it is you do today is what determines the outcome of your future. That sounds harsh but that is the reality of life.

Remember I wrote a blog recently called, This Time Last Year. In that blog, I shared the importance of time and that you should never waste it and WHY you must embrace your purpose-journey.

Today, I want to ask you and encourage you about what I called, “In the next 10 years”



Change they say is a constant thing and in life, we have to be open to change. In her book, Mindset, Dr Carols Dweck, a Professor of Psychology, describes those who are NOT open to change as ones with a fixed mindset. These set of people hate to try new things, they hate change or challenges and if possible they would not change anything even if the thing does not serve it’s purpose or work anymore…….

Today, on Motivation for Monday, I want to encourage you on something I call, Go Out, Magic Happens Outside!



How would you feel if this time next year you have grown in spirit, emotion, financially, mentally and fulfilling your purpose in life with your God-given gifts? Truthfully, how would you feel?

I want to help you achieve that because the vision God gave me is not to only help myself but to help others too. And because I am truly serious and passionate about helping, here’s my gift to you.



This time of the year is all about sharing love and giving gifts. While giving gifts is good, giving gifts people would value and use is the utmost to me when I give gifts. So in simple terms, before I give any gifts, I put some thoughts into it and ensure the receiver actually would like the gift. Would like the gift? Well, we can’t decide what people like but we can at least try to give what is good.

So what is a gift?


FOOTAGE FROM THE BOOK LAUNCH ::: Book Signing, Meet & Great & After Party

Hope you had a nice week. I did myself. You may have noticed that I took a little break from posting here on the blog. I was very intentional about that so I could get some rest after all I put my body through before the book launch. I did a lot of running around to ensure that everything goes well so I was very tired hence the break. I am grateful to God everything went well as planned and beyond. Thanks again to everyone who came through.



Sunday evening was “lit”as friends, family, fans, supporters, blog readers, Youtube family and well wishers came to celebrate with me at the unveiling and launch of my book, “Use What You Have“. I was overwhelmed with the love and support on the day. I cried, laughed and eventually jumped for joy, it was amazing.

I woke up at about 4am on the day praying and asking God to take all the glory and He did. It was an amazing event. About 100 people came through to share the moment with me.