So far, I have shared 2 perfume posts with you. 1, I shared my Summer perfume collection and HOW to buy perfumes cheaper with you, HERE and I also shared 7 ways to make your perfume last longer with you, HERE. Those are blogs you don’t want to miss, catch up on them to get all the “load-down”.

Last year, one of my girlfriends gave me a Burberry perfume. It is the Burberry Brit Rhythm. The moment I tried it on, I fell absolutely in love with it. I have worn the perfume since then, of course along side other ones from my collection. Since she gave me that perfume, I have collected a few more Burberry Perfumes and because they are all so good, today, I bring you my Burberry perfume collection and review + WHY you should try at least one of the ones I have tried.

By the way, did you know that wearing eyelash extensions would make you have bigger, bolder and sexier eyes?