How to Wear Black in the Summer


Black is not a colour many wear during the warmer months or Summer. Let’s face it, after wearing so much black during the Winter to keep warm, many of us tend to gravitate towards colours – bright, bold and beautiful in the Summer. However, there are exceptions to wearing black in the Summer. With a very well detailed blouse like this, bring on black for Summer….




As you can tell from the title, it is a 2 in one post . On this blog, we mix the look book with some motivation. Life is too short to be stylish alone. We all have to learn to dress up and show up to fulfil purpose even if our job is a stylist. I am a Stylist by the way who also happens to be a Motivational Speaker.


Today, I will be sharing with you how to style leggings and on Motivation, the reason WHY I believe New Year’s Resolutions is “crap” and a goal killer. On my journey to self, I changed just one thing, it was my life philosophy. One of such philosophies is the New Year Resolutions…….